Overfeeding: Melanie Muller’s Kids are Killing Their Fish


On the conscience of the children of Melanie Muller‘s (34 years old) fish! Besides the fact that she regularly stars in reality shows, television fame is also a mother of two children. One thing is clear: Mia Rose (5) and Matty (2) are always and everywhere at the start, wherever their mother is. But now she has lost sight of the little ones for one evening. Then a misfortune happened: Mia Rose and Matty killed Mellis the fish!

On Instagram, Melanie showed her followers her kitchen, which was completely emptied. Buckets of water were everywhere. The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant also showed off her aquarium, which had no fish in it. “Our children were more or less alone that night and fed our fish— all the food,” the 34—year-old was shocked.

Obviously, her children were too nice to small animals. So much food was poured into the aquarium that some of the fish died from overfeed. “Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to a few fish,” Melli was sad because of the death of her pets.


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