Over 100 million people use an Apple Watch


More than 100 million people currently own an Apple Watch. The information came from a report produced by analyst Neil Cybart, of the company Above Avalon, and is seen as a confidence study by the industry.

According to Cybart, the brand was surpassed in December 2020, with the arrival of new models on the market, such as the Apple Watch Series 6. The company’s smart watch has been sold since April 2015, marking a period of almost six years until it hit the current brand.

Watch sales in 2020 are considered a success: 30 million new consumers have adopted the device, at a faster growth rate than in previous years.

It is the fourth largest user base for Apple products, losing to iPhone, iPad and Mac, but with the prospect of overtaking the brand’s computers next year.

Adoption rate

Another interesting detail of the report is the adoption rate of the Apple Watch by those who already own an iPhone. The document indicates that 10% of all iPhone owners already own an Apple Watch – with that rate rising to 35% in the United States.

According to Above Avalon, the rate may seem low, but in fact it is quite positive “if we take into account the high percentage of diverse technological goods and the needs of the iPhone user base”.


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