Over $1 Billion In Bungie Purchase Goes To Keep Employees


Bungie: In conversation with investors, Sony representatives explained in a little more detail their intentions with the high price paid for the acquisition of Bungie. One-third of the total investment of $3.6 billion in the purchase will go towards employee retention.

“Approximately one-third of the $3.6 billion considered in the acquisition consists primarily of deferred payments to employee stockholders (most of Bungie’s stock is owned by employees), conditionals on their continued employment, and other incentives for retention. ” – says Sony in its report to investors. “These amounts will be paid over several years after the acquisition is completed, and will be expensed for accounting purposes.”

That is, the PlayStation owner will hand out roughly $1.2 billion in prizes and other incentives over the years so that Bungie’s current developers and entrepreneurs stay right where they are.

Associating this information with the fact that Bungie will have complete creative freedom to develop and distribute its games – including on whichever platforms it wants – we can see that Sony bought the studio with the plan to keep it the way it is. The company doesn’t seem to want to move anything at Bungie, just having the Destiny franchise and whatever the developer’s next big project that has been floating around in the rumors.