Outriders Worldslayer: The best build for the new Overseer Technomancer


With the release of Outriders Worldslayer, players who have chosen the Technomancer class can create a powerful support character by placing Pax Points in the Supervisor branch of the Pax Technomancer tree. The technomancer has always excelled in the support role, with skills that allow him to support tanks and heavy attackers, putting negative effects on enemies, deploying turrets and healing his group. With the release of the Worldslayer add-on, Technomancer players now have access to the Overseer and Desolator subclasses. The well-designed Overseer build allows players to constantly strengthen their squads by facing new boss enemies in the Outriders Worldslayer campaign.

There are ten nodes in the Supervisor Pax Technomancer skill tree where players can invest their Pax Points. The general structure of the skill tree and the limited availability of Pax Points, in fact, bind any Supervisor Technomancer to the passive skills of The Undying and Apothecary, which are at the beginning of the skill tree. The player must unlock both of them, as well as the passive Accelerator or Override ability, before he can further specialize his character. For the remaining Pax Points, the player can choose nodes from three branching paths at the end of the skill tree. Each branch contains two passive skills that allow the player to choose one of several specialized specializations for his Technomancer, strengthening them for Outriders Worldslayer post-game actions.

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These specializations include strengthening the Technomancer’s turrets so that they can increase squad damage, replenish ammunition, and remove negative status effects, giving the Technomancer radically improved healing capabilities or allowing the Technomancer to shorten the recovery time of his skills and target enemies with explosive critical shots.

The best build for a Technomancer Caretaker in Outriders Worldslayer

Regardless of which of the three Outriders branches the player chooses, it is strongly recommended to fully commit one branch rather than select nodes from multiple branches. While hybrid builds can work pretty well in the main game, spending Pax Points on different branches means the player won’t get the most out of Pax trees. In addition, hybrid builds tend to perform poorly in the complex endgame content of Worldslayer. The best build for Overseer Technomancer focuses on supporting turrets with the following unlocked nodes:

The Undying: Every 5% of missing health increases the theft of weapons and skills by 5%Redefinition: Anomaly Power increases by 100% of your skill abduction Apothecary: You pulse every 5 seconds, healing all players within a 25 meter radius by 2% of all damage you inflicted between each pulse. Purification Protocol: Turrets pulse within a radius of 25 meters, removing up to 1 negative status effect from you and your allies. Lead Finder: Turrets pulse within a radius of 25 meters, replenishing 30% ammo and increasing damage by 20% for 5 seconds.

The use of turrets allows the technomancer supervisor to create zones in which the squad receives fire cover and a wide range of positive effects, which is useful when they fight new Outriders Worldslayer bosses or cut through swamp standard enemies. The 25-meter radius of the turret zones ensures that this build will be useful in most combat zones, and the squad receives a constant increase in damage and rate of fire from Leadseeker. The purification protocol itself is less useful, but ensures that players will not be hindered by negative status effects that can interrupt the course of the battle. Override is preferable to Accelerator, as it increases abnormal strength, giving the player a wider increase in damage inflicted by skills and status effects, as opposed to exclusively strengthening the leech of weapons or health gained from weapon damage.

Players should also invest points in the new Ascension Outriders Worldslayer system for additional passive positive effects. This build has good synergy with passive anomaly skills to further enhance abnormal strength and skill theft, as well as passive removal skills to further reduce recovery time, which allows the player to quickly reinstall turrets as needed. Other builds that focus solely on healing may work, but they lack broader support and interact poorly with the Immortal, whose effects only work if the player has received some health damage.