Outriders Worldslayer: The best build for Technomancer


With the release of the Outriders Worldslayer add-on, players now have access to powerful new Pack trees that a Technomancer can use to create an impressive Fire Power build. Outriders is a cooperative marauding online shooter in which players can team up with two friends to explore an original dark sci-fi universe while battling strange alien creatures. With the recent release of the Worldslayer expansion, a lot of new things have been added to the game, including Pax trees, which allow classes to specialize in new powerful builds. An example of these builds was created by YouTuber NickTew, who created a technomancer focused on firepower, which can cause huge damage and melt most enemies in a matter of seconds.

While these new skill branches were an important addition, there were many other important ones, such as the introduction of the Ascension system, which allows the player to advance above the maximum level of 30. In addition, a new rarity level, Apocalypse gear, was also released. by adding a third mod slot to weapons and armor, which allowed even more customization of the build. Last but not least, the long-awaited transmogrification system has finally been introduced, allowing players to freely customize the appearance of their equipment.

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Technomancers are one of four unique classes in Outriders Worldslayer, they prefer to fight at long distances, relying on turrets and other gadgets that do the work for them. Another class and one of the most popular in the game is the Trickster, which corresponds to the archetype of the fraudster and succeeds in the tactics of “hit and run”. Pyromancers mainly focus on using abilities and can incinerate enemies with a wide range of fire spells at their disposal. Finally, we have reavers who act like a tank class in the game and prefer to fight at close range, using their skills to interrupt enemies and control the battlefield.

Best Technomancer Build in Outriders Worldslayer

While they are mostly known for their abnormal power-based builds, which rely heavily on skill usage and turret placement, this technomancer build in Outriders Worldslayer will instead focus on using various status effects and mods to deal massive amounts of damage with firepower. One of the key aspects of this build is putting debuffs on the target to get the most out of the Dissection ability in the Desolater Pax tree. This build also benefits significantly from the three-item set bonus from Borealas Monarch, which forces players to deal massive damage to frozen targets, which can be enabled with the Freezing Bullets mod and the Cold Snap skill.

Since this build benefits from the activation of skills, players will have to spam them at regular intervals, while trying to get as much uptime as possible on Blighted Rounds during boss fights in Outriders Worldslayer. With that in mind, these are the most optimal skills for this build:

Cold Snap becomes the best third choice only if players can get a three-item Borealas Monarch bonus, which significantly increases the damage done to frozen enemies. Otherwise, it can still be picked up, as it is an excellent crowd control ability that will help players cope with swarming packs of enemies. The “Correction Wave” should be replaced with a “Cold Grip” when working with bosses and combined with the “Quartermaster” mod. This will force the activation of the skill to replenish the weapon store, which will increase the uptime on Blighted Rounds. Blighted Turret is a Decay ability with a very short recovery time, which in combination with Blighted Rounds will allow players to maintain the Empowering Antenna to the maximum extent possible. Blighted Rounds use Toxic and benefit from various mods and skill tree options, as well as help with clearing mobs due to its small but powerful area damage.

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The Best Weapon for the Technomancer Class in Outriders Worldslayer

As with most builds, the best choice of weapons and mods in Outriders will depend on whether players are killing mobs or fighting bosses. Inferno Seed goes very well with this build, as it increases the power of status effects and throws with the Wrath of Moloch mod, which helps with AOE cleaning and causes Burn, allowing players to benefit from Dissection. For single-target damage, The Messenger would be the optimal choice due to the Dimensional Rockets mod, since the base damage of critical damage is incredibly high. Players will also want to find a Dark Sacrifice mod for any of these weapons, as the 25% percentage bonus they offer applies after all other effects, making it one of the best for this build in Outriders.


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