Outriders Worldslayer: the best build for Pyromancer


With the introduction of new Pax trees in the Outriders Worldslayer add-on, players can create a powerful Pyromancer build whose strength grows every time they fire their weapons. Outriders is a cooperative online shooter in which up to three players can simultaneously participate against strange enemies in an apocalyptic sci-fi universe. The release of the Worldslayer add-on has added a lot of new things to the game, including Pax trees, which expand the four classes in the game and allow you to create even more unique and powerful builds. With this in mind, the NickTew YouTube channel has created a powerful build based on constant gun firing to stack the new Bullet Frenzy ability in the Gunblazer tree, allowing the Pyromancer to melt most enemies in seconds.

With the release of Outriders Worldslayer, players were given not only Pax trees, but also a new Ascension system that allows them to advance above the maximum level of 30. In addition, a new rarity level has been introduced in the form of Apocalypse gear, which gives players even more options to customize their builds by adding a third modification slot to the equipment. Finally, Outriders Wordlslayer has also introduced a long-awaited transmogrification system that allows players to freely change the appearance of their armor and weapons.

Pyromancers are one of the four classes in Outriders Worldslayer, known as the mage class, as they mostly rely on fire abilities to incinerate their enemies. Among the most popular classes are Tricksters, representing the archetype of scammers and preferring to use their high mobility for “hit and run” tactics. Reavers, on the other hand, hold their positions well, as they are the most tenacious of all classes, using their abilities to control the crowds of their enemies. Finally, the technomancer class in Outriders prefers to keep their range and use gadgets and machines to do most of the work.

The Best pyromancer build in Outriders Worldslayer

Although pyromancers are known for their reliance on destructive magical abilities, this build will instead rely on Bullet Frenzy’s ability to accumulate firepower almost indefinitely. This means that in order to use it effectively, players will need to constantly shoot, using no more than one ability at a time, so that the buff does not subside. For this build to work, players will need to get to the end of the Gunblazer Pax tree to get Bullet Frenzy, and they will need to pick up Volcanic Rounds, which is the only important ability they will need, which gives them more freedom when choosing their other abilities. Pyromancer skills in Outriders.

With that in mind, this Pyromancy build is optimized for these skills as they provide the most value with the skill tree path presented.:

Heat Wave can be very useful as an ignition skill to activate the magma elemental, giving players a huge amount of armor piercing and resistance. It is also very effective in combination with the Molten Lead mod, as it significantly increases weapon damage for a few seconds after it is used if players are standing in the affected area. Ash explosion is a reliable crowd control that will be useful when working with groups. enemies, and an excellent choice in combination with the modification of Death Sentence equipment in Outriders, as it will significantly increase the amount of damage inflicted by players on the affected targets. and resistance, and also helps players maintain Bullet Frenzy, because when activated, it automatically replenishes the weapon store.

The Best weapon for the Pyromancer class in Outriders Worldslayer

This Pyromancer build will greatly benefit from two different types of weapons, depending on whether players are fighting bosses or hordes of enemies. The stabilizing version of the LMG goes very well with this build, as the large magazine allows players to continue shooting accurately, and in combination with the Perpetuum Mobile mod, it ensures that players will never run out of ammo when clearing ads. Standard Variant submachine guns are best suited for bosses, as they have a high chance of a critical hit at close range, and they can be reloaded by activating Volcanic Rounds, which gives players more than enough bullets to defeat any boss in Outriders.


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