Outriders Worldslayer: The best build for a Trickster


Fans of the Trickster class can use the new Pax tree introduced in the Outriders Worldslayer add-on to create one of the best builds in the game. Outriders is a cooperative online shooter that supports groups of up to three players and takes place in the original dark sci-fi universe. With the release of the Worldslayer DLC, the four classes in the game have been expanded as each has been offered two new Pax trees that allow further customization and build paths. This build, created by YouTube blogger NickTew, uses the Exploiter Pax Tree to inflict huge damage due to the accumulation of a huge amount of abnormal force.

The release of Outriders Worldslayer has brought players much more than the Pax trees, as the new Ascension system now allows you to progress above the maximum level of 30. In addition, players now have access to Apocalypse Gear, a new rarity level that gives players an additional third level. a mod that allows you to better customize equipment and builds. Last but not least, the long-awaited transmogrification system has been introduced, which allows players to change the appearance of their equipment and weapons.

The Trickster, a short-range and highly mobile class, is just one of four present in Outriders, another popular class being pyromancers. These are medium-range spellcasters who use fire as a means to incinerate groups of enemies, while at the same time healing themselves by killing opponents marked with their abilities. Technomancers in Outriders Worldslayer are long–range assistants who use machines and gadgets to do their job. Finally, Reavers are the most resilient of all classes, as they absorb damage best by supporting their allies with crowd control.

Best Trickster Build in Outriders Worldslayer

The Trickster class has always been very good at dealing damage. However, it was often necessary to choose between optimizing for one goal or working with groups. With this build, players will no longer have to make this choice, as they will be able to inflict huge damage on one opponent, while remaining extremely effective in dealing with hordes of enemies. This combination is possible due to the number of anomalies this build can stack and its ability to convert it into firepower with Twisted Rounds.

To get the most out of this build, players must use the following Trickster skills in Outriders:

Hunt the Prey offers excellent mobility, and in combination with the Instant Reload mod, this ensures that players rarely have to recharge manually. Time Rift is how players will deal with groups of enemies, and it will be necessary as the build requires. at least one Deception skill. Twisted Rounds is the key point of this build as it converts all the stacked anomalous force into firepower, allowing players to melt bosses in just a few seconds.

The best mods for the Trickster Class in Outriders Worldslayer

The first thing players need to make this Trickster build viable is the weapon modifications Anomaly Enhancement and Mage’s Rage in Outriders. Anomaly Enhancement will provide players with a passive firepower boost equal to 40% of their current anomaly, which will go well with this build and Twisted Rounds. The Mage’s Rage will give players 10% of the anomaly’s power every time they land a critical hit for 15 seconds, and it adds up to four times, allowing players to reach insane anomaly values. Fortunately, it is very easy to get these mods, as the legendary double weapon Final Penance always appears with both of them.

Instant Reload: Loot Hunting: Teleportation instantly replenishes the ammo in your current weapon: Twisted Rounds: While this skill is active, it increases the firepower of the weapon by an additional percentage of the abnormal power in Outriders. Weapons and Anomaly: Critical shots increase abnormal power by 6 seconds. A little bit of pain: Time Gap: Using the skill deals damage equal to 60% of the anomaly’s strength to the affected targets for 6 seconds. Long Range: Time Gap: triples the range of the skill. Anomaly Echo: Gives firepower and anomaly strength. bonus when the skill is used for 6 seconds. Dead hours: Get an 8% bonus to weapon damage for each skill on reload.Captain Hunter: increases your damage against elites by 16%.

How to Get the Last Repentance in Outriders Worldslayer

With the release of the add-on, players now have access to Ascension levels, which allows them to fight enemies at a higher difficulty in exchange for an increased chance of dropping legendary apocalyptic equipment in Outriders Worldslayer, such as the Last Repentance. If players are not successful with this method, they can instead find Tiago’s NPC at base camp and find him in his elite offerings. Additionally, if players have landing capsule resources, they can use them to re-select Tiago’s elite offerings to try to create a Last Penance.


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