Outriders will arrive on Xbox Game Pass at launch


After some rumors from last week, Square Enix confirmed that Outriders, the company’s new loot ‘n shoot, will arrive at the launch on the Xbox Game Pass on the Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Android (via xCloud, via the cloud).

The rumor started on Friday when a tweet from the official Game Pass Twitter account made a teaser to warn that something big was coming to the service. Today (15), the company confirmed the game’s arrival in the catalog and released a new trailer, which shows more of the game and confirms the information. Check out!

For those who are out, Outriders is a third-person action game with many elements of loot ‘n shoot, similar to Destiny, The Division and other games of the genre. The great thing about the game is the special powers of each class and the action gameplay inspired by titles like Gears of War.

The game will arrive at the launch of the Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and xCloud, but nothing has been said about a PC version. However, it is common for certain games to reach only a few platforms in the service.

Outriders arrives on April 1st on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and xCloud. So, did you like the news?