Outriders Update: Worldslayer includes balance updates for each class


Exactly one month after Outriders released its first add-on, Worldslayer, a major update made adjustments to almost all aspects of the game. Thanks to rebalancing for each class, an overall reduction in resources and equipment, as well as numerous quality of life changes, Outriders promises to be significantly improved compared to the state of the game at launch.

Outriders is the latest game from the veteran Polish developer People Can Fly, who created the popular 2011 first—person shooter Bulletstorm, and also worked with Epic Games on iconic games such as the Gears of War series and the incredibly popular free shooter. Fortnite. The team’s considerable experience in the field of shooters over the years has led to an ambitious online game focused on build customization, creation and looting. Released over a year ago, in April 2021, Outriders faced a rather poor reception due to bugs, balance issues and lack of content. People Can Fly aims to solve these problems with a series of comprehensive updates containing hundreds of changes.

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Players will be happy to know that over 80% of the changes in this major Outriders update are buffs, as People Can Fly continues to follow its design philosophy of increasing the number of options in the game, not just punishing the most popular and powerful options. Expedition rewards and resource gains have been increased along with reduced creation costs, resulting in a more streamlined creation process. Numerous changes were made to the game classes: Devastators, Technomancers, Pyromancers and Tricksters Outriders received a reduction in recovery time, an increase in damage and an increase in the duration of positive effects.

The update also includes several new highly sought-after features, such as item locking. Item locking allows players to “lock” a piece of equipment, preventing it from being disassembled. Players can then safely dismantle their inventory en masse without fear of losing items they intend to use later. The quick tag functionality has been improved to include the legendary, epic, and legendary apocalypse rarity. Changes to Apocalypse levels in Worldslayer have reduced the requirements for upgrading after level 20 by 10%, and the chance to get an Apocalypse gear option will increase for each level after level 11.

Obviously, People Can Fly has put a lot of effort into improving Outriders, thanks to player feedback and collected gameplay data, which has led to many changes in each update. Outriders’ tendency to strengthen instead of weaken is a refreshing policy, as one of the main frustrations of online gaming players is that their playing style becomes invalid due to hard balance patches.

Outriders: Worldslayer is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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