Outriders: The best build for the Tech-Mixer Destroyer (updated for Worldslayer)


There is a stigma associated with a spell in video games. Anyone who is at least a little connected with the game world imagines fireballs that turn enemies into frogs and cause magical illusions. Assumptions, although understandable, can sometimes give an inaccurate picture of what a caster should be. Anyone who has any preconceived ideas about what a “spellcaster” Technomancer does in Outriders will be completely shocked.

While mortars, mines, miniguns, and rocket launchers may seem like physical damage, they are actually based on abnormal force in Outriders. Demolisher’s build focuses on raw numbers that use crafted weapons as a means to deal damage with these skills. If someone wanted to use “spells” that were aimed exactly like a weapon, this is the right place.

Updated by Hody Jones on July 8, 2022: Many will look at the new endgame content, new weapons and additional talent branches and will already get an idea of updating builds since the time of the Killer of Worlds. But that’s only part of the equation. New enemies and bosses use different techniques and tactics. These types of targets should not be secondary. This build has been updated to accommodate new opponents, giving players the skills and equipment that best stand up to anything the Killer of Worlds can throw at them.

Class Points

Node Points Effect per Point Fueled Anomaly 7 +6% to Anomaly damage Ordinance Techniques 2 -15% Recharge Ordinance Skill Interference Coverage 2 +15% to Resistance Punching Welcome Shot 1 +15% Anomaly power is converted to firepower on the first shot after recharging Heavy absorption 1 +15% stealing skills for 7 seconds after using the sacrament, the destruction of skills 2 +20% damage to enemies with a health reserve of less than 30% Vitality magnet 1 +6% stealing skills Emergency transfusion 1 +100% stealing skills, when the level is below 30% Maximum Health Armored Unit 1 +50% armor for 15 seconds after using the Ordinance skill Team Player 1 -10% elite damage against the entire Techbond team 1 +50% Abnormal Strength for 10 seconds after using the Ordinance skill Abnormal Body 1 +10 % Maximum Health

Players who want to learn how to play with their friends in Outriders will be very popular when using the Destroyer. In addition to the huge amount of damage, the Destroyer is able to tank efficiently thanks to Skill Leech, which heals based on the damage inflicted by the skill, which is surprisingly stable in this build.

Avoid the poison nodes in the Destroyer tree, as none of the three Ordinance skills use them. Players can be persuaded to add one skill there just to take advantage of additional toxic damage, but this will prevent Techbond from being permanently activated.

Pax Glasses

Node Effect Initial Striker Skill Activation increases Anomaly strength or firepower by 10% for 5 seconds, whichever is higher. The skills of deadly devices and devices impose toxicity on the affected enemies and deal an additional 5% of the anomaly’s strength in the form of damage if the effect is updated. enemy gives 2% health regeneration for 3 seconds, totals up twice Interrupting their ranks Interruption skills remove effect resistance from the elite (7-second cooldown) Skill damage Depleted Core Ordinance increases by 100% strength status

There’s really only one way to build a Destroyer, but it’s a good one. Break their ranks strengthens one of the only weaknesses by destroying bosses and elites, completely removing their resistance to effects. This is an incredible advantage that spellcasters don’t have on other trees.

Additional damage for all Ordinance skills is also convenient. With one node selected in Depleted Core, the player can see their damage approximately doubled, depending on their strength status. In Lethal Devices, the Toxic effect is a complete freebie, saving the player from having to modify it or take a skill for him.

Points of Ascension

The most important nodes are: status strength, anomaly damage, anomaly strength. The most important category: anomaly.

The nature of Ascension Points is that each class and assembly, given the farm time, can make the most of each node. Thus, this build is just a starting point for gamers. After that, the rest of these items have more to do with luxury than necessity.

It is not surprising that the pestilence should fully invest in the category of anomalies before expanding. Despite the fact that some nodes here may not cause the main damage, they tend to directly enhance the Ordinance skills used due to nodes taken in the Pax and Class trees.

Skill Selection

Scrapnel Throw a mine that will explode within enemy range, dealing damage and interrupting enemy actions. Pain Launcher Installs a mortar that launches rockets. Each missile interrupts and deals area damage. Destruction Tool Tap a skill to summon a rocket launcher, and hold a skill to summon a minigun.