Outriders: The best build for Reaver Trickster (updated for Worldslayer)


A Trickster is usually considered a physical damage class that “goes in and out” in Outriders. He is able to rush inside, make a few smart shots, and then get out. Many game lovers get from the class of strong traditional robbers. A monster with a shotgun is capable of causing huge damage, and assembling a Robber does not change this.

However, this greatly changes the source of the Tricker’s damage. While many will see a lot of shotgun damage and start salivating, it’s actually a Tricker Anomaly that plays a major role in the show. The shotgun just acts as a delivery mechanism for all this ridiculous damage statistics. At the moment, this build dwarfs the more classic Assassin build in the DPS Outriders charts. Give him a chance, and there will probably be no turning back.

Updated by Hody Jones on July 7, 2022: Many will look at the new endgame content, new weapons and additional talent branches and will already get an idea of updating builds from the time of the Killer of Worlds. But that’s only part of the equation. New enemies and bosses use different techniques and tactics. These types of targets should not be secondary. This build has been updated to accommodate new opponents, giving players the skills and equipment that best stand up to anything the Killer of Worlds can throw at them.

Class Points

Node Points Effect per Point Concentration 7 +6% Anomaly Strength Disturbance Coverage 2 +10% Resistance Piercing Anomalous Scythe 1 Melee Attacks Increase Anomaly Strength by 30% for 5 seconds Assault Master 1 Increases Assault Rifle Damage by 3.5% per Concentration Node Anti-Shield 1 Activation Deception Skill Increases Anomalous Strength by 50% for 5 seconds 10 Seconds Battle Shield Timeline 1 Movement Skill Activation Increases Abnormal Strength by 50% for 10 seconds Continuum 1 -15% Cooldown Time when Dealing Damage Skills Abnormal Acceleration 1 Increases Abnormal Strength by 50% for 10 seconds when damage skill ends Life Transfer 1 +6% Skill Leech Jump Argument 1 Activating Movement skill increases penetration resistance by 25% for 10 seconds Scion of the Void 1 Armor penetration increases by 30% and penetration resistance increases by 25%. when the damage skill ends Shadow’s Embrace 1 Increases firepower by 15% from Anomaly Powers Modified Executioner 1 Anomaly power increased by 10% for each enemy at close range

Starting with smaller nodes, don’t forget to select each concentration node in the tree. Unless players plan to figure out how to get their friends to play with them and guide them through the game, they’ll need all that extra Anomaly power. Most of this will go towards firepower and regular attack damage.

Scion of the Void and Altered Executioner are given because they are the last two large nodes in the tree. While many builds skip it, Assault Master is the key to creating a damage build that actually does enough damage. This requires the Abductor to use assault rifles, but it is a very reliable weapon for the Abductor.

Usually builds that try to be the best tend to accumulate a certain type of skill. However, the Rogue has an incentive to use three different skills through nodes: Movement, Deception, and Damage. It may seem like you have to wait a long time until all these skills are updated, but the Trickster compensates for this by dealing the most explosive damage in the game after all three of these skills have been activated.

Pax Glasses

The node effect is damaged! Dealing damage to enemies with Damage skills increases damage by 10% for 5 seconds Adaptation Skill Activation gives 15% abnormal strength or firepower, whichever is higher, for 5 seconds Phasing Skill Activation gives a Trickster 15% shield, and allies 10% shield Harrowing Increases resistance by 10%, and each enemy melee increases penetration resistance by 2% (up to 10%). Ghost Strike skills that deal damage have a 100% chance of dealing 15% of the anomaly’s power in the form of damage, consecutive triggers on the same target add up to 750% (recharge 1 second)

The “Phasing” skill may seem out of place for such a powerful machine as the Rogue, which deals so much damage, but the shield is of great importance. Yes, teammates will be grateful, but more importantly, he gives the shield to the Kidnapper right after joining the fight, at a time when the Trickster most needs protection.

Usually, abnormal damage deals damage to mobs, and physical damage destroys bosses and elites. Spectral Strike turns Reaver into a better single-target dealer than any other class, dealing stunning damage up to 750%.

Points of Ascension

The most important nodes are: Abnormal Damage, Abnormal Strength, Piercing Resistance. The most important category: Anomaly.

The nature of Ascension Points is that each class and assembly, given the farm time, can make the most of each node. Thus, this build is just a starting point for gamers.