Outriders: The best build for Ash Breaker Pyromancer (updated for Worldslayer)


It’s natural to get confused when someone chooses the highest anomaly damage class in Outriders and then proceeds to create a character that prioritizes physical damage. Why would someone give up large damage figures in exchange for an average damage build? That’s for sure, as long as someone looks at the numbers, just the numbers and nothing but the numbers.

It turns out that there is a reason for the madness why so many professionals are testing the Pyromancer of the Ash Scrap at the highest level of the Apocalypse. The damage is still fantastic even if it can’t reach Tempest, but the real star of the show is the Ash status effect. This is by far the best status effect in the game, as it completely stuns enemies. Being the only Outriders build capable of regularly applying such an effect, Ash Breaker is in demand in a group game against strong bosses.

Updated by Hody Jones on July 5, 2022: Many will look at the new endgame content, new weapons and additional talent branches and will already get an idea of updating builds since the time of the Killer of Worlds. But that’s only part of the equation. New enemies and bosses use different techniques and tactics. These types of targets should not be secondary. This build has been updated to accommodate new opponents, giving players the skills and equipment that best stand up to anything the Killer of Worlds can throw at them.

Class Points

Node Points Effect per Point Inferno Weapon 2 +8% to Weapon Damage Moths To The Flame 1 +5% to Weapon Draw Anomaly Mark 4 +10% to Weapon Damage on Marked Targets Assault Master 1 +20% to Weapon Damage with Assault Rifles Ash Test 2 +10% Damage from weapons against targets, ash-covered Incineration 1 Superimposition of ashes at the end of burning Magma golem 2 +10% to health Gifted 1 +5% to weapon damage and +5% to anomaly damage All guns blaze 1 +20% to weapon damage for 7 seconds with any skill activated The Curse of Pompeii 2 +15% Duration of ashes Gorenje Agile as a flame 1 -20% Recharge time…Twice as much damage 1 +10% to Elite damage and -10% to Elite damage Gorenje sensation 1 +20% Weapon damage for 10 seconds when immobilization is activated

After learning about what is effective and what is ineffective against higher levels of Apocalypse, players will discover that the stun from Ash is more than just an annoying slowing mechanism. This makes it easier to count critical hits and allows players to kite bosses, which is really the most important part of the build.

Go to the Fire Storm tree and take All Guns Blazing to get more weapon damage. This build is entirely dedicated to volcanic projectiles that ignore armor and scale based on firepower rather than abnormal strength. Weapon damage should be the focus of the node selection process.

Pax Skills

The node effect in hot mode Deals 15% more damage to enemies with health above 80% and 30% more damage to enemies with health below 30%. Ash Awakening shots deal damage to all enemies hit by ash within a radius of 4 meters from the target, dealing 30% of the damage inflicted. Lucky streak Critical shots increase weapon damage by 6%, the bonus is valid for 4 seconds and adds up to 5 times Carbon ammunition Increases the size of the magazine by 200% Shots from assault weapons increase weapon damage by 3%, the effect lasts until the Pyromancer stops shooting

If Ash Breaker has any one weakness, it’s the ability to cope with crowds of opponents. For most players, this is an acceptable compromise for permanently stunning an elite unit or boss. Ashen Wake allows players to avoid sacrifice by dealing damage to clusters of enemies in addition to saving damage on a single target.

It will be difficult for players to upgrade Volcanic Rounds 100% of the time, but once they get Carbon Ammo, it is almost impossible to lose this bonus. The rest of the nodes are just gravy.

Points of Ascension

The most important nodes: The size of the magazine, the reduction of recharge. The most important category: Valor.

The nature of Ascension Points is that each class and assembly, given the farm time, can make the most of each node. Thus, this build is just a starting point for gamers. After that, the rest of these items have more to do with luxury than necessity.

It is easier to manage ascension points for Peplolom than for most classes. Due to the fact that you rely on VOlcanic cartridges, definitely prioritize lower recovery time and larger magazines, but after that feel free to adjust them according to mileage.

Skill Selection

Volcanic Rounds Fills the magazine with incendiary cartridges. These projectiles cause a burn, ignore all armor and pierce targets. The effect lasts until the magazine runs out, the weapon is reloaded or the weapon is switched. Ash Explosion Blast the area in front of the pyromancer. Enemies hit by the explosion are covered with ash and immobilized. Feed The Flames Attracts the enemy to the pyromancer, dealing damage to him, taking his health and causing ashes.