Outriders: PC users find dozens of gigabytes in bug reports


Outriders: The PC version of Outriders constantly stores bug reports; users claim to have dozens of gigabytes in these logs.Outriders has not had an easy launch. In addition to inventory record issues, several PC users have reported that the People Can Fly title stores dozens of gigabytes in automatically generated records.

As shown by user Toasteroven47 on Reddit, his Outriders contains more than 22GB of files created after each unexpected shutdown suffered during his gaming experience. The titles developed under Unreal Engine 4 usually have it, since it is relevant information for the studies in order to know the origin of the errors and to be able to stop them. However, players are surprised by how large it is taking.

The responses of the thread show that this event is spread among the rest of the Outriders community. We can read people who claim to have 12GB, 15GB and more of “junk” files. So far neither the responsible company nor the publisher have commented on the matter.

Outriders, visceral and atypical

Technical problems are one of the negative elements that we pointed out in our analysis. Outriders achieved in this house a rating of 7.5 out of 10, a text in which we said that it is “an atypical looter shooter”. “People Can Fly focuses on offering the player a title that starts from a campaign mode that is the center of the experience, and from there builds all the elements that orbit around it.”

Its virtues “are clear”: “Direct and fun action for lovers of old school shooters, those who imbued you in a constant challenge without being able to release the trigger finger.” Its playable strength contrasts with a postgame that “feels like a complementary mode.” “It falls by the wayside when it comes to treating the lover of the looter genre, the one who seeks to find another diverse and attractive title once it reaches the final phase.”