Outriders: PC crashes may leave Disk C out of space


Outriders: After reports about numerous problems and crashes of Outriders on the PC, a player was able to identify an even bigger problem in the game and warned about the possibility of the game being consuming storage space of SSDs and HDs with failure reports.

According to Reddit user Toasteroven47, the crash identified by the code “UE4-Madness” results in the creation of numerous error files, which are immediately sent to the Outriders rescue directory. Thus, without the player having the slightest idea, the SSD or HD in which the game is installed is being filled constantly – especially due to the recurring crashes that the PC version has been presenting – resulting in less space available.

The discovery was made through the program WinDirStat, capable of breaking apart each folder in a directory in order to detail everything that is stored inside them. Thus, Toasteroven47 found that his save folder had more than 22 GB of crash reports only.

Fortunately, the crashes of Outriders so far have only impacted the disconnection of sessions – obviously – and the reduction of available disk space, being a matter of simple resolution that can be easily corrected by deleting the archived data. Despite this, Square has not yet commented on the case, so it remains to wait for a possible patch to correct the redirection of reports.

Outriders is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.


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