Outriders in Enochplanist? NPC believes in the theory of the flat world


Outriders: Set in the 21st century, Outriders is a science fiction with all the elements that fans of the genre enjoy: hi-tech weapons, space exploration, cutting-edge technology, extra-planetary colonization and much more. However, even though it is a futuristic narrative and with very clear concepts, some details do not seem to have come out of the past, as is the case with the earth-planter villain Giovanni “Hailstorm” Russo.

Hailstrom is a mercenary located in the snowy region of Eagle Peaks who can be hunted on a bounty mission. During the entire event – from the acceptance of the mission until its closure -, no deepening of the character is clarified, so for the player the objective is quite straightforward: eliminate the target without tangling. However, after completing the task, the game’s diary is automatically updated, receiving details about Giovanni’s story. Check out what he says below.

“Despite being ridiculed by his peers and threatened with exclusion from Flores, Russo’s father never denied his affiliation to the Flat Earth Union. Only his valuable experience in artificial intelligence and automation provided him with the trip to Enoch. After his death in a storm that hit the First City, his son continued his legacy by declaring that Enoch was also flat, he believes that Enoch ends just beyond the mountains and the forest, and that they act as natural barriers that warn humanity about venturing further. He believes that the fungus in the forest and the monster in the mountains are nothing compared to dragons that lie like the edges of the world. ”

Interestingly, Hailstrom traveled between planets aboard a spaceship, but he still stuck to his ideals of believing that Enoch is flat. Did Square criticize? A joke? A loose detail thinking that no one would read? Well, we may never have that answer, so it’s open to the player’s interpretation.

Outriders is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.


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