Outriders: Explanation of the Worlds Killer’s Path System to Ascension


The Outriders role-playing game from People Can Fly and Square Enix Europe, intended only for online games, may not have completely impressed players when it was first released, but it’s by no means a bad game. Since its launch in April last year, Outriders has seen a fairly stable flow of players, although there has been fierce competition in the online co-op genre. Its gameplay, customization options, and visuals were highly praised, and in a world where games typically ship in less-than-finished condition, Outriders seemed finished and finished at launch.

Outriders may have its fans, but the base game has also come under some criticism for its plot, characters, and lack of innovation in several ways. Players who are stuck in the game are hoping that Outriders’ first expansion pack, Worldslayer, will help solve some of these problems with new end content and some additional gameplay changes. The expansion, which will be released soon, will bring several different features, as well as an expanded story, including a new Ascension System.

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The “Killer of Worlds” supplement

In addition to adding new content and story missions for gamers, Worldslayer aims to expand what is offered in the main game, as well as rebalance and update many different elements. This can always be something of a gamble, as sometimes extensions that try to change aspects of the main game can instead change the gameplay and create more problems than they solve. But players remain optimistic, and some of the new features that will appear in Worldslayer are definitely intriguing.

The challenge levels will be replaced by Apocalypse levels, which can also be applied to the story campaign, so that players can match their level more effectively and make sure that the campaign is as interesting as it is difficult. In addition to a range of bug fixes, gear, combat and build Outriders have been reviewed and should have their own list of improvements and balance fixes. You will also find a new story with additional bosses and a Big evil to fight, as players once again become humanity’s last hope for survival and try to save the day.

Ascension System

The Worldslayer expansion doesn’t just make corrections and add a new part of the story — it also aims to expand the endgame and give Outriders players a reason to stay after the campaign comes to an end. The Tarja Grata Trials is a new endgame mode that will try to keep players occupied, but it will work together with the new ascension system to offer a more substantial post—campaign progress system. The new system adds two hundred ascension levels, through which players can move, earning ascension points and raising the level of certain characteristics.

Just as players improved their characters or raised their world level, they can increase their ascension level by destroying enemies, completing quests and other actions. There are four different categories in which players will be able to spend their ascension points to improve their character: Anomaly, Endurance, Cruelty and Valor. Each category also has five subsections in which players can accumulate points, such as “Stamina Health”, “Armor” or “Elite Damage Reduction”.

The Outriders base game already had a good level of character customization, but Worldslayer seems to be bringing another level to the settings and specializations that players can add to their in-game protagonist. New story content and fixes are important, but expanding the endgame and deepening the progression system are things that really help the longevity of the title. Let’s hope that the changes that Worldslayer will bring to the game will be good and will help to concretize the entire Outriders experience.

Outriders: Worldslayer supplement is released on June 30, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.