Outriders and Rainbow Six Siege gain support


Outriders and Rainbow Six Siege are the newest games to receive support for PC performance improvements thanks to NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver! Anyone who has a GeForce video card at home will be able to enjoy DLSS compatibility already at the launch of Outriders on April 1st!

This is the best way to play Outriders on the PC, as this brings a dramatic increase in performance to the shooter. For those who prefer competitive games over cooperatives, Rainbow Six Siege achieves a latency reduction of up to 30% thanks to NVIDIA Reflex. Check out:

Just remember that in order to use Reflex, you must have a GeForce GTX series 10 or higher card! In addition to these releases, with the Game Ready Driver titles such as Kingdom Hearts, Balan Wonderworld, Persona 5 Strikers, Blizzard Arcade Collection and DIRT 5 also gained several optimizations and improvements.

What do you think of NVIDIA’s new technologies? Did you notice a performance improvement in your games? Comment below!



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