Outlook for Mac innovations detailed, release date is certain


Microsoft has been testing a new version of Outlook for Mac over the past year, and this version is finally available to all users next month. The new design includes Microsoft’s Fluent design icons, rounded corners, and some changes that will make the email app ready for macOS Big Sur.

Microsoft’s Ribbon interface has been removed and everything looks much cleaner now. It looks like a mix of Apple’s macOS design and Microsoft’s own Fluent design. Reading and writing emails, single line views, a new mail compose interface, and even the ability to ignore emails have been redeveloped. Panels are also foldable, so Outlook for Mac is much more customizable for the main view of emails.

outlook mac

Additionally, Microsoft has improved the way people work in Outlook for Mac. The People section now separates people and coworkers from events and email messages. It is getting easier to see frequent contacts or mark existing contacts as favorites.

Every part of Outlook Mac is undergoing some changes, including calendar and search features. Calendars can now be grouped according to what you have, what has been shared with you, and group calendars available in Microsoft 365. There is also the ability to click and drag the calendar to switch Microsoft Teams meetings and create entries. Since Outlook for Mac is powered by the same Microsoft search technology found elsewhere in Office 365, the search will now yield much more relevant results.

outlook mac

Microsoft seems to be too focused on customization and customization with this new Outlook Mac version design. Now you can adjust the message list density and compress to see more.

While the design is the main change item, there are some important changes that will not be visually obvious. Microsoft is bringing the synchronization technology used in Outlook for iOS and Android and Windows Mail to this version of Outlook for Mac. In this way, Office 365, Outlook.com and even Google accounts will be synchronized faster thanks to Microsoft’s cloud services. Support for iCloud and IMAP accounts is also coming soon.

Microsoft says the new Outlook for Mac design will be available to all users in mid-October.


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