Outlook For iOS Changes The Submit Button


Outlook: It is difficult for a person not to have an email account with which to move around the Internet. As we have told you many times, it is the key to log in to a web page or application and receive the latest news from it or directly use its services. One of the most used platforms is Outlook, which belongs to Microsoft and has its own client for smartphones. But not all versions are the same and sometimes you have to make changes individually as has happened to the version of Outlook for iOS. We tell you what the most important change has been.

Relocation of the send button in Outlook

All mobile devices have pre-installed applications to have all the services active from the first moment. They all work the same way, but sometimes you will need the one that is native to the service to make the service faster and more direct. This is the case with Outlook, whose application is used not only for devices in the Redmond house. You also have a version for iOS and Android, which are also different from each other.

The fact is that Microsoft has made recent changes in the version for devices of the bitten apple and it seems that the change is for the better. According to what MSPoweruser says, the application now has a more accessible submit button. Until now, if you sent a message from your Outlook account, you had to press the send button that was in the upper right part of the application. This position is somewhat uncomfortable since it is not at the level of the big toe, which is the one that has to press it.


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