The Outlast Trials’ First Promotional Video Has Come To Take The Series To A New Point


Outlast’s new game, The Outlast Trials, will be a co-op game based on survival in the Cold War. Thus, significant changes will emerge compared to the previous single games of the series.

Outlast games, which we played in the past, appeared as single-person productions. The producer of the game, Red Barrels, has decided to go in a different direction in the new game The Outlast Trials.

We will also see the multiplayer features we see in games like Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th in The Outlast Trials. So players will try to survive together this time. It is not yet clear how this will happen.

It is not enough to escape, we need to escape together

We do not know exactly how the multiplayer mode will work because no gameplay videos have been released for the game yet. What we know is that we will escape the horrible creatures of anonymous names that follow us in spooky corridors.

We know that the game will be released in 2021, but we do not have a definite release date or any information indicating any period during the year. Instead of the one-man mode we’ve seen in previous games, we may have to move with others this time. Also being a multiplayer means we can see changes in the game accordingly.

Is that a drill?

Although we did not see the game video of the game, we had the opportunity to watch a short introduction video before. This video gave us information about the content of the game and showed what to expect.

Trial, called The Outlast Trials, is used in the sense of experiment or experiment. We are also used as a subject in the hands of a group that did not get much from humanity during the cold war. We try to escape from the facility where we are held with our glasses that are worn on our eyes and apparently screwed to our skull.

On the other hand, we see at least 2 different subjects in the promotional video. One of these subjects is the male subject we see through the video, and the other is the female subject. You will probably be able to choose one of these characters in the multiplayer mode of the game.

You can watch the promotional video of The Outlast Trials published on PC Gaming Show 2020 below.

The Outlast Trials promotional video


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