Outlander: What is the real accent that Sophie Skelton uses for her character?


The history of the Outlander series continues to surprise all viewers with each of the episodes of its seasons. Where we are shown the life of the time traveler Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) who arrives in the 17th century and meets Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), they both have a daughter named Brianna (Sophie Skelton). However, Claire and her first husband, Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies), who is also English, raise her in Boston, USA. But, according to fans, the accent of both the character and the actress seems not to be the one for the role.

According to the Outlander books and series, Brianna grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, later attended Harvard, and has an American accent. Despite being raised by English parents, Brianna doesn’t even have a hint of a British accent. Because she loves the place where she has been raised for over 20 years since Claire and Frank came looking for a new start in her relationship and in her lives.

Even though actress Caitriona Balfe is from Ireland, she has been putting up an amazing performance as English doctor Claire Fraser. She controlling the accent in each of the words that she usually uses in her scenes. While actor Sam Hueghan, who has a soft accent, put on an accent more suited to a man from the Scottish highlands for Jamie, who also speaks Scottish Gaelic.

On the other hand, actress Sophie Skelton was born in Cheshire, England, which is why she tries to handle a more neutral British accent in real life. In fact, the star assured that one of the ways that she managed to make her accent more similar to the American was through the sitcom Friends, which she watched from a very young age every day and helped her “perfect” her accent. .

“So, I think I was inundated with the accent from a young age, which worked out really well in the end.”

However, actress Sophie Skelton and her co-star Richard Rankin who plays Roger are the most hated by Outlander fans. Many of the viewers say that the stars have had a very bad performance with their characters, something that has generated various annoyances over the years. In fact, Skelton claimed that before she was accepted to the series she was unaware of the Starz drama phenomenon, until she began researching the books and quickly realized that she was a worldwide sensation.

Interestingly, both Sophie Skelton’s character and her co-star Richard Rankin’s will have a major storyline in Outlander season 7. Something that keeps many worried about the interpretation that both may have for this important arc that the producers and writer Diana Gabaldon are preparing for the program.