Outlander: These are the advances that the trailer for season 6 of the drama brings


Outlander will premiere its sixth season on March 6 on the Starz broadcast network. The television adaptation that follows Jamie and Claire Fraser returns to screens after nearly two years of absence, and will see the romantic couple on a new emotional journey as they navigate between hardship and love.

Outlander fans may have been waiting a long time for new episodes, but the cast and crew of the historical fantasy-romance drama starring Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan have never left them alone, as they’ve been constantly providing details. of the next story that will narrate the new adventures of its characters.

Starz released the full official trailer for Outalnder season 6 a few days ago, and with this preview it revealed part of the most important events in the narrative that this installment of the series will focus on, which is inspired this time by the sixth book of the saga written by Diana Gabaldon, entitled ‘A breath of winds and ashes’. (Major spoilers revealed in the Season 6 trailer)

Outlander fans know armed conflict is brewing with the arrival of Season 6, set in 1775, one year before the events of The Revolutionary War for American Independence. The trailer shows The Red Coats making their way through the Fraser family settlement, events that will put Jamie and Claire in trouble, especially Heughan’s character, who will have to make big decisions in which loyalty to the Fraser family will be at stake. the crown and its British roots. Therefore, he will be in the middle of a dilemma when he has to choose one of the sides.

Outlander season 6 trailer reveals some of the biggest events yet to come for the Fraser family

The sixth installment of Outlander will also introduce the Christie family for the first time as its three members arrive at the Frasers’ settlement in North Carolina. Father Tom (Mark Lewis Jones), son Allan (Alexander Vlahos) and daughter Malva (Jessica Reynolds) show up to cause trouble for Jamie and Claire. The truth is that Jamie and Tom were never the best of friends when they were in prison at Ardsmuir. In the promotional trailer, Heughan’s character warns her that if she is going to stay in the community, she must take her word that it is law in the settlement.

Within the same Christie family story arc in Outlander season 6, according to Gabaldon’s book, Malva Christie becomes Claire’s apprentice with whom she establishes a friendship and whom she thanks for her 20th century sex advice. The trailer shows how Ian Murray (John Bell) is attracted to the young newcomer; and according to written history, after she becomes the most coveted by the local boys, she becomes pregnant and later claims that the baby’s father is Jamie Fraser. This will undoubtedly have serious consequences.

On the other hand, at the end of the Outlander season 6 trailer it is revealed that Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin), who do not belong to the 18th century, will travel to their original time. Let us remember that they tried to do this at the end of the fifth installment of the series together with their son Jemmy, but without obtaining the desired results. Now that her daughter Amanda is born, the couple and the children return to their own time to get proper medical help, after Claire discovers a murmur in the girl’s heart.

Fergus (César Domboy) and Marsali (Lauren Lyle) will also be developing a heartbreaking arc in Season 6 of the Starz romantic drama. The couple will welcome their fourth child, but not everything will be happiness. According to the literary work, the boy named Henri-Christian is born with dwarfism, which causes a stir in the Fraser family settlement, causing despair in his father at the thought of the life that his son will have. This leads to suicidal thoughts.