Outlander: The interpreter of Jamie Fraser reveals what has been the most traumatic episode


Outlander has become one of the most acclaimed romance dramas of recent times, since its debut in 2014, it has captivated all Starz viewers with this story full of drama and romance. Ahead of Season 6’s arrival on screens, Jamie Fraser’s star Sam Heughan has reflected on his time in the role.

Throughout all these years, Sam detailed which delivery was the most difficult not only for him but also for the film crew. Recall that both Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) have been through many ups and downs in their marriage, and before meeting the nurse who traveled back in time, the young Scotsman was in big trouble, since he was one of the most wanted men in Scotland.

In the first season, we first met Captain Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies), who was fighting for the British, that is, the opposite side of Jamie. Randall was looking for Jamie to give him a punishment, since he was seen as a potential threat to the monarchy.

When Captain Jack found out that Claire was married to Jamie, he set out to ruin their lives and torture the couple. He was successful when he captured Claire inside the prison, and Jamie risked her life to save her new wife, even trading places with her to ensure her safety.

Jack Randall inside this prison, in addition to sexually abusing Jamie, tortured him to the point that this brave warrior just wanted to die. Although Claire and Jamie’s men eventually broke into the prison and rescued him, Jamie faced a long journey of recovery both physically and mentally.

After these truly traumatic events for all Outlander fans, actor Sam Heughan broke the silence and recalled that it was also one of the most difficult scenes to film for him so far:

“Episode 16 is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever shot.” “Jamie’s torture was extreme and truly exhausting for the cast and crew to film, not just for the viewer to watch.”

In addition to recalling what has been the most traumatic episode so far, Sam also recalled what has been the most moving for him. The veteran actor confessed that he loved the ninth episode of the fourth season, when Jamie is reunited with his daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) after believing that they would never meet.

“Jamie and Brianna finally met was such an iconic moment, and Sophie is so much fun to work with.” “We had a lot of laughs while hunting bees and this episode is where we see father and daughter really bonding.”