Outlander: The curious and surprising age that Claire and Jamie will be in season 6


After the 20-year time jump in Outlander’s third season, many fans were surprised by how worn Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) looked over the years. However, as the drama gears up for its sixth season premiere, this is how old the favorite characters stay and what will happen.

Recall that during the third season Claire finds out that Jamie managed to survive the battle of Culloden, so she decides to return to the past again to be by her side. After different adventures and seasons, the couple has finally managed to settle in North Carolina, in their community called Fraser’s Ridge.

By Outlander Season 5, Claire and Jamie are in their mid-50s. But, according to the writer of the show’s books, Diana Gabaldon, the character Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp was born in October 1918, while Jamie Fraser was born in 1721. Which means the couple are actually 197 years apart.

However, the couple met in 1743 with Claire’s time travel into the past, by which time Claire was already 27 years old and Jamie was only 22 years old. In the fifth season, two years passed, from 1770 to 1772, with a 54-year-old Claire and a 49-year-old Jamie.

In season 6 of Outlander Claire will be 57 years old and Jamie 52 years old

Outlander Season 6 picks up right after Season 5 ends, as it stands on the brink of the start of America’s Revolutionary War, spanning the years 1773-1776. This means that Claire will start the next installment at 57 years old and Jamie at 52, so by the end of season 6 they will both be 60 and 55 years old respectively.

Despite the age of the characters, some fans have been criticizing the appearance of some of their favorite characters, as other community members seem less affected by the years that have passed in the drama. However, it only remains to wait for the premiere of the sixth season of Outlander on March 6.