Outlander: The character that is in the book but was excluded from season 6


Outlander, the romantic fantasy historical drama, is scheduled to return to fan screens on March 6, 2022, when the sixth installment of the series that follows the life of Claire (Caitriona Balfe), a 20th century nurse who traveled back in time and met the mountaineer Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), a warrior from 17th century Scotland.

Recall that in the Outlander narrative, Jamie and Claire’s family currently inhabit North Carolina. In the next eight episodes, they will have to endure new situations of hostility when the revolutionary war begins where the character of Heughan will play an important role as a mediator.

Fans are sure that most of their favorite characters will be back in this new season of Outlander, but the one who does not plan to return is Jamie’s brother-in-law, whose face has not been seen in some time. Actor Steven Cree confirmed that he will not reprise the role of him as Mr. Ian Murray.

In Outlander, Mr. Ian Murray is the husband of Jenny Fraser, also known as Mrs. de Lallybroch, sister of Jamie played by Laura Donelly. Season 6 will be inspired by the seventh book in Diana Gabaldon’s literary saga, titled An Echo in the Bone; and those who have read the play know that Cree’s character in the series reappears consumed in Scotland, where Jamie and Claire are visiting. However, this time Murray was excluded from the story.

During an interview with Digital Spy, the Outlander star who currently stars in the fantasy series Discovery of Witches, Steven Cree, recalled that Ian Murray is part of the story told in this volume of Outlande. He also revealed that the fact that he was working on another television show prevented him from keeping up with his role in the Starz drama. This said:

“I know Ian shows up again in Book 7 and I know what happens to him. I think at the first fan convention I did, someone said ‘you know you die, by the way’ and that was in 2014, so it’s funny what fast that moment arrives “.

“If the Outlander producers and the Outlander team wanted me to come back, I would definitely come back. I was destined to come back for a couple of episodes in season 5 and do a story that I couldn’t do because I had already signed on to Discovery of Witches [as Gallowglass ], so unfortunately there was no time to do both, which disappointed me. ”

“But I would love to go back and most of all if they decide to do that story and link Ian’s story together, then yeah, that would be a really nice ending, not that I want him to die, and full circle for the character.”

Outlander will have a season 7 filming beginning next year, and Cree is likely to return to reprise his role as Ian Murray. His story arc is not closed in the romantic fantasy drama and fans will surely see him again in Lallybroch alongside his wife Jenny and reunited with the Fraser family once again.