Outlander Season 7: Actor Revealed to Play Jamie’s Adult Son


The end of the sixth season of Outlander left all fans of the Starz drama anxious to know what will happen to Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) who was arrested and charged with the murder of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds), while her husband Jamie (Sam Heughan) was separated from her. However, season 7 promises to encompass some of the big moments from the books, which is why a new cast member has joined, Charles Vandervaart, who will play Jamie’s son, William.

As viewers of Outlander will remember, during the third season of the drama, in the years that Jamie and Claire were separated by 20 years and different periods of time, Jamie fathered a child with Geneva Dunsay (played by Hannah James), while he was away. working under another identity for the Dunsay family in Helwater for the Jacobite battle at Culloden.

According to the history that the series shows us, Jamie hid his identity to work with the Dunsay family in Helwater for being one of the Jacobite leaders. But, he met the beautiful and spoiled young Geneva, who provoked Jamie to sleep with him, because her relatives had planned her wedding with an old man with whom she did not want to be, much less have her first intimate relationship. After so much insistence and blackmail, he accepts the proposal to keep himself safe.

However, both decided to keep the secret to avoid problems. The only person who knew about this infidelity was Lord John Gray (David Berry), who is the one who currently cares for the child that was born from the fruit of that night and in which Geneva died giving birth, William (Clark Butler as the version young).

But now, for Outlander season 7, the drama’s producers have confirmed to the actor that he will play the adult version of Jamie’s son, 21-year-old Charles Vandervaart. Who has vast experience from different programs such as Lost in Space.

In the series, William met Jamie and knows who he is, but the young man does not know that the Scotsman is actually his biological father. On the surface, William is a courteous aristocrat with English thoughts, but simmering beneath the surface is a Highlander fire that resembles his father’s and must make a choice in the face of what lies ahead.

Thanks to Lord John Gray who has been caring for and educating him, William is the 9th Earl of Ellesmere and will play a key role in Outlander season 7. But, William’s appearance will be when he arrives in Wilmington full of patriotic fervor and eagerness to join the British Army amid rising revolutionary tensions.