Outlander Season 6: Why is Claire’s power becoming an issue?


As Outlander season 6 unfolds, Claire (Catriona Balfe) and Jaime Frasier (Sam Heughan) face many obstacles alongside their loved ones, but one of the most dangerous threats could be Claire herself, especially in this delicate installment. . Fans say their knowledge and skills are becoming a serious problem as new characters arrive in the Frasier’s Ridge community.

Since Outlander based on Diana Gabaldon’s book series premiered, it has shown how the mistrust of women that permeated society in the 18th century has been addressed since season 1, when Claire first went back in time. In which the exchange of accusations of witchcraft and the threat of violence to Claire due to her ability as a healer has been seen.

Let’s remember that when Claire returned to the future pregnant, she decided to become an acclaimed surgeon, this happened while she lived through the beginning of the women’s liberation movement in the 1940’s, so her inclinations to hide her ability and intelligence have diminished even more .

n fact, Claire encouraged her daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton), to do the same, so Outlander season 6 is well on its way to bringing this issue to a head in an explosive way if something doesn’t change quickly, about all now that they show the old and new community of Frasier’s Ridge more frequently.

Although Claire is an extremely intelligent and talented doctor, her skills have saved the lives of many of the residents of Frasier’s Ridge. Since the arrival of Tom Christy (Mark Lewis Jones) and his fellow Protestants, tensions rise and Claire is accused of being a witch.

Meanwhile, Brianna is working to create gadgets that will make life easier for the people of the Ridge, including matches, a spinning wheel for knitting, and toy cars for her son. Marsali (Lauren Lyle) is fascinated by Brianna’s strange inventions as they give him time to spend with hers, her newborn, which is already drawing suspicious glances.

But as tensions rise over the Revolutionary War and animosity between the people of Frasier’s Ridge, the likelihood of Outlander’s leading women being accused of witchcraft or consorting with the devil is only rising and could spell serious trouble for everyone.