Outlander Season 6: The disappearance of Mrs. Bug in the finale according to the books


The final scenes of the Outlander season 6 finale episode showed how Claire (Caitriona Balfe) asked Mrs. Bug (Sarah Collier) to go get help from her community to confront Richard Brown (Chris Larkin) and the security committee, but she never came back, she just disappeared. However, according to her books there is a dark secret behind her and that will be seen very soon. Spoiler alert for the books!

The final episode sees us as Richard Brown and the security committee who have just arrived at Fraser’s Ridge ready to arrest Claire for the murder of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds). But, given all the things that have happened with the Browns, Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire resist, leading to a shootout for hours.

As both were alone to defend themselves, Claire asks Mrs. Bug to get help, for which she seems to agree and disappears, the episode continued until nightfall where settlers from the same community arrive accusing Claire of murder and witchcraft. However, Lizzie (Caitlin O’Ryan) returns with a group of men supporting them, but Mrs. Bug does not return with anyone.

However, one of the biggest questions viewers had with Outlander season 6 finale was how members of their community didn’t come to help Claire and Jamie at home when they were facing off against Richard Brown and his gang. mens. Especially with Mrs. Bug not coming back after Claire told her to get support. It turns out that Mrs. Bug’s story could be the source of a big story in the seventh installment of the drama.

The reality is that, according to Diana Gabaldon’s books, both Mrs. Murdina Bug and her husband, Arch Bug (Hugh Ross), have a treacherous history in the Season 7 book titled “An Echo in the Bone.” . The seventh installment looks set to cover the brief history of these two characters, having to do with the legend of French gold, where Jamie’s aunt Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) was one of the three parties he entrusted the gold to support the Jacobite cause.

In the novels, Jocasta’s gold is stolen in season 7, by a man whose identity is unknown until one of Wendigo Donner’s men (Brennan Martin) discovers a gold bar in Mrs. Bug’s basket which reveals to Arch Bug as the thief.

After stealing the gold, Arch hides it under Jamie and Claire’s house, and in the aftermath of the devastating fire at Fraser’s Ridge, Jamie catches Mrs. Bug trying to unearth the treasure they both had hidden. But, in a turn of events, Ian (John Bell) shoots her in the neck with an arrow, killing her. Which triggers another chain of events and the guilt of Jamie’s nephew.