Outlander Season 6: The character that nobody imagines and that will take Jamie away from Claire


Outlander, the historical fantasy drama from the Starz broadcast network, has everything ready to air next Sunday, March 6 after two years absent from the screens of fans, who are aware of what lies ahead for Jamie and Claire, everyone’s favorite romantic couple. The characters of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe will be going through new difficulties not only because they are in the middle of an armed conflict, but also because of the presence of some characters that will contribute to the chaos that will affect them directly. (Spoilers for Outlander season 6 and 7)

Outlander fans know that in season 6 of the series, Jamie and Claire are struggling in their marriage as she deals with the trauma of the events that occurred at the end of the fifth installment. Fortunately, she has her husband who understands her better than anyone, as he went through a similar experience in Season 1 when he was abused by Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies).

Likewise, fans who have read the Outlander books also know that in Season 6 of the Starz historical drama, the Christie family, made up of Tom (Mark Lewis Jones), Allan (Alexander Vlahos), and Malva (Jessica Reynolds), will come to Fraser’s Ridge just to cause trouble for Jamie and Claire. These are the characters that have been talked about for some time, when referring to who will stand in the life of the mountain warrior and the time-traveling nurse according to what is narrated in the sixth volume of the literary saga .

Recall that season 6 of Outlander will be inspired by the sixth book of the written work entitled ‘A Breath of Snow and Ashes’, and according to the executive producer of the series, Matthew B. Roberts, fans should be aware of the premiere episode now that will set the tone of the entire story the sixth installment of the Starz drama, especially for the inclusion of the new characters portrayed in the Christie’s, who arrive at Fraser’s Ridge in search of refuge thanks to the offer of Jamie, who does not have a friendly spent with Tom.

The truth is that the Christie family will be welcomed with open arms in the community where Jamie and Claire live with their loved ones. However, from that moment on, the Outlander romantic partner seems to be a bit lost in their relationship. But, what some Outlander fans probably don’t know, is that Tom Christie won’t be the only character coming to Starz’s historical drama to cause trouble for the couple.

In season 7 of Outlander, another character that no one imagines and is well known to fans of the series will come between Jamie and Claire, causing a break in their relationship. At least, that is what the seventh book titled ‘An Echo in the Bone’ narrates, and the Starz television adaptation is expected to include this part in the story that will probably hit the screen in 2023. It turns out that in the seventh volume of the written saga of Outlander, Lord John Grey, played by David Berry in the Starz series, will separate Jamie from Claire in season 7.

Fans of the hit drama know that John Gray is gay and in love with Jamie, but feels compelled to hide the reality of him in the 18th century. And the most surprising of all is that according to the book, Claire and John get married, after he tells Caitriona Balfe’s character in the series that her husband died during the sinking of the Euterpe. And when Claire is going to be arrested for being accused of espionage, to protect her, John ends up marrying her and then establishing a close relationship that develops in the eighth book until Jamie appears.