Outlander Season 6: Starz reveals the titles of the next episodes of the drama


Outlander, the Starz broadcast network series that first premiered in 2014, has not delivered new episodes since the fifth season premiered in February 2020, remaining on the air through the network until May of the same year. The historical fantasy romance drama will finally return with the sixth installment on March 6, as previously reported. (Major season 6 spoilers)

Jamie and Claire, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe’s Outlander characters, will be back on screen to delight fans as they immerse themselves in a new story that will arrive full of romance, tragedy and much television drama, inspired by the novels written by Diana Gabaldon. The episodes of season 6 of the series will narrate the adventures of the romantic couple based on volume 6 entitled ‘A breath of snow and ashes’.

In this sense, with only a few days left until the premiere of season 6 of Outlander, the broadcast network Starz finally revealed the titles of the next eight episodes, which will surely offer fans who have not read the books, some ideas of what they must wait when Jamie and Claire return with the fantastic romantic drama. This is the list shared by the network this Monday:

Episode 1 – “Echoes”

Episode 2 – “Loyalty”

Episode 3 – “Temperance”

Episode 4 – “The Hour of the Wolf”

Episode 5 – “Give Me Freedom”

Episode 6 – “The World Upside Down”

Episode 7 – “Sticks and Stones”

Episode 8 – “I am not alone”

Let us remember that the sixth installment of Outlander will narrate as part of its history the Revolutionary War between the British and the Americans, in which Jamie will be involved while playing a mediator role between both sides. Heughan’s character will not have an easy time with this task as he could find himself in an existential dilemma due to his roots while living in North Carolina.

Another who could have a meltdown in Outlander season 6 is young Ian Murray. Let’s remember that Jamie’s nephew is now part of the brotherhood after joining the Native Americans, and therefore his loyalty will be compromised by the time the British arrive. The question everyone is asking has to do with which side Jenny Fraser’s son will join.

The episodes of the sixth installment of the historical drama will also show Claire suffering as a result of the terrible events that occurred at the end of season 5, when she was once again the victim of sexual abuse by a group of men. Therefore, fans will be able to see Jamie giving all the support to his wife, while he deals with the war and the arrival of the new neighbors, The Christies, who will cause some problems in the settlement.