Outlander Season 6: New Image of Jamie and Claire in Upcoming Episodes


Outlander is the historical drama of the Starz network, which is scheduled to return to fan screens on March 6, 2022, when the sixth season of this fascinating story inspired by the series of novels written by American author Diana Gabaldon , bring Jamie and Claire Fraser back through tough new situations that will put not just them, but their entire family to the test.

Starring Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, Outlander season 6 will show the romantic couple and the rest of the characters sailing through a revolutionary war while remaining in their settlement in North Carolina. With Claire trying to overcome her trauma using new methods, Jamie will have to deal diplomatically between the Americans and the British.

The series will arrive with new episodes two years after its last broadcast, with a season 6 of truncated due to the pandemic, and therefore will have a total of eight episodes. And as fans prepare to watch the arrival, the drama keeps dropping some anticipated giveaways.

The Starz chain through the official Outlander account on the social network twitter, shared a new image that shows Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe transformed into their Jamie and Claire characters in the fascinating setting of season 6 of the historical fantasy drama romantic that has everyone hooked.

The new image of Jamie and Claire in season 6 of Outlander

The characters loved by the fans pose in front of their family settlement in Fraser’s Ridge, in a picture that would be an understatement to call it fantastic. This appetizer is certainly a good way to keep loyal Outlander viewers excited, who have long been eager to see what will happen to Jamie and Claire when the events of Season 6 wind down.

It is very likely that during the next few months and as the release date of the new episodes approaches, Outlander fans will continue to receive a large stream of previews with interesting content through new images not only showing Jamie and Claire, but also the rest of the characters that will be part of this new story. That could include a few more videos, an entirely new teaser, and maybe a photo or two from the season 7 production, which will kick off next year and will feature 16 episodes.