Outlander Season 6: Netflix production reveals bad news about the series


Since 2014, Outlander has become one of the most acclaimed action-romance period dramas on television. Its debut began through the Starz television channel, where it has been broadcast since its inception, however, for some time now, this production has also been available on Netflix.

Of course, since this series is not a Netflix original, its premieres are broadcast first on its original channel, in this case, through the Starz television medium. After being absent from the screens for almost two years, Outlander returned to broadcast its sixth season on March 6.

However, unfortunately, Netflix subscribers apparently will not be able to enjoy this season 6 yet, since it has already been confirmed that this season will not arrive on the streaming platform this April, which indicates that There is plenty of time left for this landing.

Netflix recently revealed its April 2022 release lineup, and sadly, Outlander was nowhere to be found. This could make a lot of sense, since the sixth installment is still being released by Starz, so its arrival on the platform could take a few months or even a few years.

Since Outlander is a Starz original, it would not make sense for this network to want to see its content on other channels at the same time. You need exclusivity for at least one season, which means a long wait for new seasons to make their way to Netflix.

Until now, it is estimated that the wait will take approximately two years for Netflix to have its sixth installment available. On Starz, the last episode of season 6 will air next Sunday, May 1. With that in mind, surely on May 1, 2024 these same episodes could be broadcast on the streaming platform.

While it’s certainly a long wait, Outlander Season 7 should be available on Starz before then. However, this is just a theory, it will all depend on the individual contracts between Starz and Netflix as there are different licensing requirements for the streamer.