Outlander Season 6: Jamie’s nephew’s secret was revealed in episode 2


Outlander, the fantasy, history and romance drama of the Starz broadcast network, after two years absent from the screens of fans, launched on Sunday, March 6, the premiere of the long-awaited season 6. The series that follows the adventures and tragedies of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) as they navigate their marriage through difficulties, with the second episode airing this past weekend made some major new revelations. (Spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of season 6)

The successful series inspired by the novels written for Outlander, has promised to show Jamie and Claire navigating through new problems in season 6. Although the revolutionary war has not begun, which represents one of the main stories of this new installment, With the premiere episode, the drama revealed just how bad Caitriona’s character is after her ordeal at the end of the previous season.

Outlander fans know that in the sixth installment of Outlander Claire would be dealing with her trauma after what Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) and his men did to her in the last episode of season 5. Therefore, the recent debut showed the Fraser’s Ridge healer using her medical skills to escape suffering while forcing herself to sleep using ether.

Keep in mind that Outlander season 6 is an installment of major revelations. While the first episode saw fans discover Claire frequently using anesthesia to help her sleep, the second installment that aired last Sunday featured Jamie’s nephew, young Ian Murray, revealing a big secret.

With the arrival of Outlander season 6, Ian (John Bell) returned from the Mohawk tribe to rejoin his family at Fraser’s Ridge. But, what no one expected was that the character would arrive completely changed and this is something that has affected his relationship with his uncle. Young Ian is no longer the same and that is something that kept the family and especially Jamie worried during the premiere.

As viewers saw during the Outlander season 6 premiere, Jamie accepted the Indian agent job proposed by Major MacDonald (Robin Laing), and in doing so, must communicate with the Cherokees about the coming war between the colonies. and the British. At first, Heughan’s character is reluctant to pass on a request for weapons, as he doesn’t know if what he is about to do is right. However, it is Ian who ends up convincing him to proceed.

But what really ended up convincing Jamie even more was when she overheard Ian tell Marsali that he had a son when he was with the Mohawks, hinting at the deep ties he has to Native Americans. Due to his big change in attitude, Jamie and Claire suspected that something had happened, Sam Heughan points out, realizing that Ian had been keeping a secret since his return to Fraser’s Ridge. Now that he knows Ian’s story, his uncle will be there for him and support him.