Outlander Season 6: Actor Reveals Why Filming With Caitriona Balfe Was So Difficult


Outlander, the historical fantasy-romance series that follows the lives of Claire and Jamie, is back on fans’ screens when the drama returns on March 6 on Starz after being absent for several years. A delay caused by the global health crisis and how difficult it was to shoot scenes with Caitriona Balfe in the midst of the circumstances surrounding the actress.

For the crews and cast members of any television series, it has been difficult in the last two years to execute production work on film sets. In the first place, the global health crisis that is plaguing the world, together with the security and prevention restrictions implemented on the sets, have been determining factors in the delays. But in the case of the filming of Outlander season 6, another detail was added.

The Starz series stars Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire). The actor who plays Jamie Fraser explained the reasons why they had to film several times the scenes involving the character of his co-star, who was pregnant at the time of filming.

According to Heughan, Balfe’s pregnancy during the filming of the sixth season of Outlander was very noticeable. Speaking on Wizard World, the historical drama actor highlighted the repetition of many of the scenes as one of the difficulties that was caused by his co-star’s status.

Let’s remember that Balfe became a mother after finishing the production of season 6 of Outlander, which means that while the baby was in the gestation period, the interpreter of Claire was filming the next episodes of the Starz fantasy series.

And it is that apparently, the actress found out that she was pregnant while playing her character on the set of season 6. According to Heughan, when everyone found out about the state of the star, they had to speed up the filming before her belly was done. Too big. Which undoubtedly became a huge challenge for the crew and cast, working in the midst of the pandemic. Heughan had this to say about Balfe’s work:

“He did very well, but we had to shoot some out of sequence. We shot episodes one and three, then we had to shoot six or seven, then it jumped back to four, and we did a bunch of reshoots at the end as well.”

Speaking to ELLE, Caitriona Balfe confirmed that her pregnancy was the cause of the difficult times on the set of Outlander. Keep in mind that it was not an easy thing for the actress to play Claire in strong scenes in the middle of the Revolutionary War. This he said to the medium:

“I probably could have timed things a little bit better, but these things happen when they happen.”

“She was pregnant, she had Covid, it was winter, filming every day for 14-hour days, it wasn’t the easiest six months, but it was okay.”