Outlander, Riverdale, The Walking Dead: Spoilers of the Week


An eventful week! From The Walking Dead to Riverdale via Outlander, discover the spoilers of the past seven days.

In this period of crisis, the series allow us to get away a little … Besides, this week was filled with twists and turns. In episode 11 of season 10 of The Walking Dead , Daryl and the others were trapped. The Whisperers launched an assault on Hilltop with a fearsome plan led by Alpha and Negan …

The emotion is also taken up a notch as in episode 4 of season 5 of Outlander . Jamie was ready to take care of and raise the newborn, but Claire preferred to entrust it to a family who needed love. In addition, Stephen Bonnet is dangerously close to Brianna … Now let’s go to episode 18 of season 3 of The Good Doctor. Shaun was still heartbroken and had trouble moving forward. He even became mean to his colleagues and patients, however he opened his eyes to Lea and took out his four truths.

The Arrowverse series were full of surprises. In episode 14 of season 5 of Supergirl , Kara played babysitter with Andrea who has regained her powers. In addition, Lena has experimented with prisoners and is convinced that her project will save humanity. Episode 14 of season 6 of The Flash was overwhelming.

Wally was back but to announce bad news … The Speed ​​Force died because of Barry during “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Will The Flash and its team succeed in creating their own Speed ​​Force? Side of episode 5 of season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow, Damien Darhk was back and found redemption. Plus, Nora and Ray got married and that means they should be leaving the series soon …

Now let’s go to episode 16 of season 4 of Riverdale which revealed the whole truth about the false death of Jughead. This allowed Betty and the others to discover all of the Stonewell Prep people involved. In any case, Betty always seems divided between Jughead and Archie. The love stories were undermined in episode 14 of season 2 of Legacies .

Hope realized that despite her love for Landon, there were too many obstacles between them. In addition, dark Josie has revealed her true face and is expected to take its toll. End our spoilers of the week with episode 17 of season 16 of Grey’s Anatomywhere we finally discovered the identity of Amelia’s baby father. It is indeed Link and the couple finally seems on a small cloud unlike Owen and Teddy … For his part, Jo cracked following the departure of Alex. What will the writers reserve for him?


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