Outlander: Malva Christie character of season 6!


The character of Malva Christie will be at the heart of season 6 of the Outlander series! We give you more details.

The character of Malva Christie will be at the heart of the plot in Season 6 of Outlander!

The shooting of season 6 of the series Outlander should start soon! To the delight of the fans.

Moreover, while waiting to discover the new unpublished episodes, we know a little more about the characters of this coming season. Outlander fans will discover that Malva Christie is none other than Tom Christie’s niece.

The latter is also an enemy of Jamie Fraser, the character of actor Sam Heughan. Malva Christie on the other hand grew up being Tom’s daughter.

Malva becomes Claire Fraser’s apprentice. But the young woman has a plan to ruin her marriage!


In the novel Outlander, we learn that an epidemic will befall Fraser’s Ridge. Malva will then try to help the victims.

Claire and Tom on their side are very sick, even dying! But time travel will reveal some things.

Indeed, Claire and Tom will conduct their investigation to better understand the disease. They will then find out that Malva is pregnant! Malva then goes on to say that it is Jamie the father. Her goal is to ensure a good life for her child! But that will make Claire furious. Without surprise !

Later, Claire will find Malva with her throat slit! She will then do her best to try to save her baby, but the baby will die too. Claire is then charged with the murder of Malva. But Tom will come to her aid, claiming that he is the perpetrator.

It will be found in Outlander that Malva had tried to poison Claire and Tom. Rid of those two, she would have a free hand to try to convince Jamie to take care of her baby.

It remains to be seen how this will turn out in the series. Case to be continued.