Outlander: Jamie and Claire face religious problems and writer tackles them


Outlander season 6 has been dealing with the religions that people held when forming a colony in the 17th century. However, the writer of the books, Diana Gabaldon, has addressed the issue of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) along with the problems they face because of their thoughts.

Ever since the arrival of Thomas Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) on Fraser Ridge, viewers have been seeing the trouble Jamie has had to face as the newcomer begins to share his radical beliefs with the other settlers in the community. Which brings up some trouble for both Jamie and Claire.

Above all, now that the last episodes of the sixth season of Outlander have been focusing on unwanted pregnancies before marriage and adultery, where the religions that some of the colonists share, consider this type of behavior as part of the devil among other things.

In fact, since Jamie was accused of having abused Malva (Jessica Reynolds) and Claire of being a witch for her knowledge and practices when it comes to helping people with an illness, she is bringing them serious problems and everyone’s contempt. . But, Gabaldon has touched on this a bit during one of her interviews and has expressed Jamie’s evolution in religion:

“Jamie has been the subject of religious and cultural prejudice for most of his life,” she explained.

Though his time-traveling 20th-century wife Claire has tempered some of his more conservative values, it has helped him keep his cool and think things through a little better when making a decision about religion. As is happening with Lizzie (Caitlin O’Ryan) who is pregnant with the Beardley twins, played by the same actor Paul Gorman.

“He knows you can’t change people’s minds on such matters,” Gabaldon said.

“If he is not willing to put up with constant conflict or real war, all he can do is draw his own lines and try to minimize conflict.

“Which he does, at all times, with respect to both Tom Christie and the conservative fishermen.”

On the other hand, Claire is clearly much more sympathetic to these religious situations because of her knowledge and understanding of people in the 20th century. Which is why she tries to help and advise Jamie in the best possible way, in order to avoid a conflict with the settlers and the radical Tom Christie.

However, the issue of Claire being found guilty of Malva’s death and accused of witchcraft seems to be driving both of them over the edge, as all the people they have helped since they created the Fraser Ridge community have been helping them. giving back.