Outlander: For this real reason season 6 was withdrawn from Amazon Prime Video


Since its debut in 2014, Outlander has become one of the most watched dramas on the Starz platform, however, due to its great popularity, there are other platforms that also broadcast its episodes, and Amazon PrimeVideo was one of them. they.

Recall that the premiere of the sixth season of Outlander was on March 6, however, fans were disappointed when they went to Amazon PrimeVideo and discovered that installment 6 had been withdrawn, which caused great disgust that they did not hesitate to express through social platforms.

Ever since Outlander hit television screens, fans have been able to watch it through Starz on Amazon Prime Video. But, everything changed in this new installment, since since it came to light it was announced that the new chapters would be broadcast only on StarzPlay, that is, a new service for viewers located in the United Kingdom.

This new platform was offering a tentative discount rate so that Outlander fans could register and watch the new season, however, the annoyance among these viewers grew when they discovered that they actually ask them to pay more money to be able to stay up to date. with this action-romance drama.

In the last episode, we were able to see the premiere with Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) and his children Allan (Alexander Vlahos) and Malva (Jessica Reynolds) arriving at Fraser’s Ridge, and hinting at the viewers the next problems they will bring to Claire ( Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan).

While this is happening, Claire silently struggles with the aftermath of Lionel Brown’s (Ned Dennehy) brutal attack. After waiting almost two years to see new episodes, viewers are really happy for the return of this drama, despite the circumstances experienced on Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom.

Not surprisingly, many Outlander fans were upset by this drastic decision. So were some of the reactions of lovers of this original story by Diana Gabaldon:

Will Season 6 be available on Amazon Prime or do I need to subscribe to Starzplay? #Stranger”.

Just found out #Outlander is no longer on Prime and you have to pay £4.99 for Starzplay to watch it.

Gutted to find out that #Outlander is now on Starzplay and no longer part of Amazon Prime. It feels pretty cheeky to ask viewers to pay *another* subscription for a show that’s been available as part of a subscription for years.”