Outlander: Diana Gabaldon confirms the death of this main character of the drama


Season 6 of Outlander will arrive with everything despite the truncated delivery that will consist of a total of eight episodes of an hour and a half each. On March 6, fans will finally be able to see Jamie and Claire once more on Starz, as they navigate their romance amidst the difficulties that lie ahead in the Fraser’s Ridge family settlement. (Important Spoilers)

Outlander fans know that in season six things won’t be going well for TV’s most beloved romantic couple. Claire will be going through the consequences of the bad experience lived at the end of the fifth installment when she was sexually abused by a group of men. While Jamie, he will always be there for her since he more than anyone understands what he has lived.

Recall that Outlander is the television adaptation inspired by the novels of the same name written by Diana Gabaldon. Last November, the writer released the ninth book entitled “Go tell the bees I’m gone.” During the promotion, the creator of this fascinating story assured fans of the series that Jamie does not die in the new volume, but what she said about Claire’s future in a tenth edition is truly disturbing.

One of the questions that has most intrigued Outlander fans since the first book was written in 1991 is what the ultimate fate of the romantic couple will be. And while Jamie (Sam Heughan) will be alive, the question everyone is asking is what will happen to his wife Claire. Will Caitriona Balfe’s character die with the story from book 10?

Outlander fans have witnessed all the things that Jamie and Claire have been through together for a long time, and that thankfully they have persevered thanks to the love they have and the plot of season 6 will be another sample of that, despite the danger looming. But, about the times that are to come is what most worries fans of the books and the fantasy drama of the Starz chain, who keep wondering when and how they will die.

Writer Diana Gabaldon recently joined Sam Heughan and Outlander executive producer Maril Davis to discuss the new Outlander book, and after confirming that Jamie does not die in this issue, Davis asked specifically about Claire, to which Gabaldon said:

“No, I never said that she wouldn’t die, did I? But a lot happens to her in this book, as well as to Jamie. ”

This is certainly bad news for Outlander fans. Although Claire comes out alive in the story told in ‘Go and Tell the Bees I’m Gone, it is likely that in the future of the saga she will be the one who gets death before Jamie, although she did not confirm if the next volume will be the end of Outlander. When asked if she still plans to finish the Outlander series in Book 10, Gabaldon said:

Well, it’s up to Jamie and Claire. If they’re not ready to die yet, then I guess I’ll have to continue … That’s the other thing, I write novels that fill in the blanks in the series. So I can always go out and then come back; through a different door, so to speak ”.