Outlander: Age of Series Star Richard Rankin Announced!


We finally know how old actor Richard Rankin in the Netflix series Outlander is? We give you more details! How old is Outlander actor Richard Rankin?

Filming for the 6th season of the Outlander series is set to begin soon. Fans of the series will then be able to find their favorite star, Richard Rankin in the skin of Roger MacKenzie.

The actor entered the series in 2016 as Brianna Fraser’s lover, played by Sophie Skelton. But Outlander fans want to know more about the star of the show!

Including his age, his career and his way of living his role in the series. So let’s start with his age.

Richard Rankin was born on January 4, 1983! Eh yes. The actor of the famous Netflix series has just celebrated his 38th birthday.

The Scottish actor was also born in Glasgow. Her father is a police officer and her mother works in the hotel industry.


The star of the Outlander series has 3 other brothers, including Colin Harris who is also an actor. He grew up in different parts of the Scottish metropolis, including West End and King’s Park.

Richard Rankin continued his studies at Glasgow University before deciding he wanted to become an actor. It is a producer who will make him change his mind.

Indeed, the latter tells him that he looks like an actor. It won’t take more for Richard Rankin to change direction.

In fact, the star of the Outlander series began with a few appearances in television series. We think of the series The Old Guys for example.

He will then play the role of a detective, Luke Nelson, in Silent Witness. He will also make an appearance in the BBC series, The Syndicate. It was in December 2015 that he was eventually chosen for the role of MacKenzie.


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