Outlander actress’s new series, plot, release date and more


After Watchmen, The Nevers is the next superhero series to hit HBO, the sci-fi drama is set in Victorian times and follows a group of women with unique abilities.

What is the new HBO series based on?

For its part, the story seems straight out of DC or Marvel, so many wonder if The Nevers is based on a comic. From The Umbrella Academy to Wandavision, there are many TV shows currently airing that were inspired by the comics.

But The Nevers is a completely original idea, it was written, directed and produced by Joss Whedon, also known for creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In 2018, Whedon revealed what inspired him to create this new genre of superheroes.

“It is a phrase that tries to evoke a kind of reaction to its weirdness, to what is considered unnatural. The idea that you should never have been like that, you should never have existed, something is not as it should be, and you have no right to have any strange powers or abilities that you have, “Whedon explained.

What exactly explains The Nevers synopsis?

On the other hand, The Nevers takes place in Victorian London and focuses on a group of women who find themselves wielding unusual powers, the HBO synopsis explains that in the last years of Victoria’s reign, London is beset by Headdresses.

In turn, the Tocado are people, mostly women, who suddenly manifest abnormal abilities, some charming, others very disturbing. Among them are Amalia True (Laura Donnelly), a mysterious and quick widow, and Penance Adair (Ann Skelly), a brilliant young inventor.

Furthermore they are the champions of this new underclass, creating a home for the Headdresses, while fighting against almost all forces, to make room for those for whom history as we know it has no place.

When will The Nevers be released?

While The Nevers does not have an exact premiere date, HBO has scheduled the show to premiere in April 2021. For its part, the first season will air with six episodes.

Who is part of the cast of The Nevers?

The show features Outlander star Laura Donnelly as Amalia True, a passionate heroine who takes on the British elite on The Nevers. Similarly, Olivia Williams, Ann Skelly, James Norton, Nick Frost, Eleanor Tomlinson and Tom Riley will also be part of the cast.


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