Outlander: Actor Sam Heughan Reveals Who His Favorite Person Is Behind the Scenes


While fans are waiting for the soon premiere of the sixth season of Ourlander, some of the cast members have been revealing curious details of what will happen in this new installment. However, Sam Heughan has not only talked about the story that will be seen in the drama, but also about what happens behind the scenes to be able to play his character Jamie Fraser.

First, let’s remember that the Starz television drama Oulander brings to life the books of writer Diana Gabaldon, with actor Sam Heughan as everyone’s favorite Scottish hero. However, for the actor to pull off this incredible performance it’s not just about his skills, but also about the cast members working behind the scenes, which is why Heughan has said who his favorite person is.

During an hour-long podcast interview for The Cultural Coven, Heughan revealed his favorite person working on the set of Outlander, due to the fact that he puts in several hours of exclusive time with him just to make his character stand out as a true Scotsman from the outside world. period with his appearance and dress.

Sam Heughan named Wendy Kemp Forbes his favorite person on the set of Outlander

Heughan said makeup artist Wendy Kemp Forbes is one of his favorite people to work on the drama’s set, as she’s the one who dyes the actor’s hair mountain red in the early days of the show. On top of that, Kemp Forbes also gives her face the historically worn look from the 20 years she spent away from Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe).

“Wendy is like my sister, my shoulder to lean on, to cry on,” Heughan said.

“She keeps me going, I keep her going. I just couldn’t do it without her.”

Since the first season of Outlander began, viewers have realized that it’s not your average show with big glamorous makeup. Because the actors had to play characters from 18th century Scotland. A Scotland that was already muddy in mud with her typical clothing. So now that the scenes, story, and location have changed, things have become a bit more complicated, so the effort of the makeup artists is a vital job for the drama.

However, it only remains to wait for the premiere of season 6 of Outlander on March 6, 2022 on the Starz television network, to discover all the changes that each of the actors could bring with their characters, something that keeps everyone fans excited for its premiere.