Outer Wilds reveals DLC Echoes of The Eye with new trailer!


Outer Wilds announced today, July 29th, its Echoes of the Eye expansion. Extra content arrives on September 28th on all platforms where the game is currently available. The revelation was made with a teaser trailer:

Mobius Digital, developer of Outer Wilds, is keeping the DLC news secret for now. The teaser shows very cryptic images and the description of the content on the store’s pages speaks only of new mysteries to unravel.

Outer Wilds was first made available on May 28, 2019. The game on PC had a temporary exclusivity on the Epic Games Store that displeased its Kickstarter supporters. Ironically, it’s now right on Steam that the game’s producers invite to put extra content on their wish list.

But those upheavals are already in the game’s past, which has evolved to be one of the most acclaimed titles in the indie segment in recent years, with a loyal fan base that celebrates the arrival of more content for the game.

The game is currently available on PC – via Epic and Steam – on PS4 and Xbox One. The DLC Echoes of the Eye will launch on these three platforms when it arrives on September 28th. Taking advantage of the announcement of the expansion, Outer Wilds is now 40% off at all stores where it is available, except Xbox Live.


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