Outer Wilds: How to Access the Echoes of the Eye DLC Step by Step


Outer Wilds: In the solar system of the popular Mobius Digital game there is a new mystery to be solved, but it is not easy to discover it. We tell you how to access the expansion. The Echoes of the Eye expansion for Outer Wilds is now available. This new story offers us the possibility to explore an unpublished setting and face a spectacular challenge with the intention of solving a great mystery, but accessing the new content can be a bit confusing for some players. Luckily, our trips through the solar system have been very fruitful and as we know that one of the premises of the game is that there is no better weapon than knowledge, we are here to help you: we will tell you the steps to follow to activate the start of the DLC .

Echoes of the Eye: How to Access the Outer Wilds DLC Step by Step

The first thing you should know is that the expansion is integrated into the game silently; Although an initial message appears informing of the news, at no time will it appear as a target in the logbook or any mark will be added on the map of the solar system.

Step 1 | Find the radio tower: the first thing you have to do is get on the ship as soon as you wake up in Lumbre, gain a little height and go around the planet in search of a new radio tower that has appeared on the surface. It has no loss; it is next to a grove in which there is a burning bonfire.
Step 2 | Tune in to the satellite frequency: inside the tower you will see several screens that show photographs taken from a specific point in the solar system, along with a voice message that you can play. The clue is clear: one of the images shows a shadow that does not appear in the others. A shadow capable of overshadowing the sun itself. The photos are taken from a new satellite orbiting vertically over the entire system. You just have to tune in to its frequency.

Step 3 | Travel to the satellite: once its location is located thanks to the frequency it broadcasts, it is time to get on the ship and travel to it. It is far, but there is no loss if you follow the tuner pointer. When approaching you must be very careful not to impact with it, since it is very fragile and destroying it will ruin the mission. The most advisable thing is to put on the suit and leave the ship once you are about 100 meters from the satellite. Then it is time to approach “on foot”.
Step 4 | Wait a few minutes and discover the mysterious shadow: if you look closely, the satellite has a screen on its outer hull that shows the angle of rotation. If you want to do it as quickly as possible, do not take too long to complete the previous steps and you will have room for the satellite to reach 40ยบ. At that precise moment, focus your gaze on the sun and surprise!
Step 5 | Flying into the shadow: try to stand in a straight line towards the shadow so as not to lose sight of it, and as soon as you arrive you will see that the screen will change the darkness for what looks like an illuminated door. You will be in a hangar at the entrance to the new stage and all you have to do is shine the flashlight on the green lights of the strange mechanism that allows you to definitively access the mysterious place.


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