Outer Banks: Rudy Pankow Reveals JJ’s Backstory in Season 3


Outer Banks is one of Netflix’s top teen productions. The series leverages the famous recipe for adventure, romance, mystery, and extremely attractive actors to maintain the show’s success. Since the production of Season 3 began, the curiosity of the fans is in full swing to find out a little more about the plot.

Taking advantage of this public hype, actor Rudy Pankow commented on what to expect from the new season, during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. In addition, he also talked about the future of his character, the troubled and loyal JJ Maybank.

According to the actor, the series will follow a very revealing path, having episodes with a lot of emotion and adventure, or, as Pankow defined, a season of “high octane”. So, we can expect our dear Pogues to take a lot of risk in the new season.

JJ’s future

When it comes to the character played by him in the series, the information was not so encouraging. It is worth remembering that the character is quite problematic and reached the limit in some moments of last season.

According to the actor, it will be a difficult season for JJ, who will have to deal with some frustrations and a new depth of revelations. “The new depth is also a good [description], but JJ’s journey this season can be frustrating. I think it’s going to be a frustrating time for JJ this season,” commented Pankow.

The actor even gave some hints about why the character’s life is so difficult. During the interview, he said that the scenes between JJ and his father, Luke, are the most difficult to record, as they require a lot of emotional preparation to get the right vibe on the recording.