ÖUS releases Street Fighter-themed cool sneakers


ÖUS, a Brazilian brand in the footwear and urban lifestyle segment, launched a line of sneakers totally dedicated to fans of the Street Fighter series, with each pair presenting unique characteristics with many references to fighters and games.

The tennis collection comes in three distinct models, each representing an important milestone in the saga, characters or icons. Check out the style of each one and the details that are part of their designs.

The first model, entitled Immigrant, pays homage to Capcom’s classic colors and has insoles represented by the main and most popular combatants in the game. The second, with the theme of Hadouken, comes with the colors of the energy ball and brings nostalgic drawings of Ryu and Ken respectively in each pair, reproducing a moment of struggle between the karateka.

And finally, the brand makes a complete reference to the Brazilian fighter Blanka, including the greenish color of the monster in the design of the sneakers and a super comfortable material inside and outside, combining visual and aesthetic differentials.

Although the models are considered to be full of details and with resistant and comfortable materials, the suggested price of R $ 379.90 to R $ 449.90 seems to have pleased the customers, who reset the store’s stock after a few hours of launching the product. So far, there is no forecast for the arrival of new shoes, but here is the suggestion for you to keep an eye on the site and purchase yours.


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