Our Newest Idols Are Heading to New York: KCON 2022 US Tour


It was early September and we were celebrating the start of the careers of four incredible K-pop bands at the New York stop of the KCON 2022 US TOUR! The return of KCON’s personal shows after many years of COVID-19 era virtual events was long-awaited, and the hype was incredible. Fans queued for hours at Terminal 5 in New York on September 1, wanting to dance and sing to their favorite tracks LIGHTSTUM, CRAVITY, TO1 and STAYC!

CRAVITY from Starship Entertainment, TO1 from Wake One Entertainment and STAYC from High Up Entertainmen debuted in 2020, and LIGHTSUM from CUBE Entertainment debuted in 2021 — all groups have no more than two years of experience. What they lacked for years, they compensated with an infinite amount of talent and energy, arranging an unforgettable night of performances.

As Terminal 5 filled with visitors, the video before the performance, in which each group taught the audience its spot choreography, excited everyone in advance! LIGHTSUM taught “Q”, CRAVITY taught “JUMPER”, TO1 taught “What A Beautiful Day”, and STAYC taught “ASAP” — although most viewers already knew the STAYC track as a result of the song going viral on TikTok after its release. . Fans even chanted the iconic “STAYC Girls, everything is going down!” together, paving the way for these newcomers to come into their own.

Let’s dive into our reviews of the performances of the four monster newcomers of the KCON 2022 US TOUR! (Of course, in the order in which they entered the stage — if we tried to rank them, we would have four newcomers, all marked “1”. They’re all so good.)

1. LIGHTSUM lights up the stage!

LIGHTSUM started the evening by sending us into space: the stage became cosmic, and the dance scene of the girls demonstrated their otherworldly skills! “Vanilla” demonstrated how cute the girls were by making the entire Terminal 5 sing “Vanilla-nilla-nilla” with them. “VIVACE” has decorated the stage with its blooming summer beat! LIGHTSUM proved that the strength of newcomers lies in their versatility and in how smoothly they switch between a cute atmosphere and outright strength with each verse.

In their next performance, LIGHTSUM combined the energy of their girlfriend with a cover of the song “TOMBOY” by their older band (G)I-DLE. While their first songs demonstrated how incredibly cute they were, their mesmerizing stage ownership pushed the boundaries of audacity! The audacity and attractiveness of LIGHTSUM did not stop there: in turn, they urged fans to choose a participant who would demonstrate her dancing skills! After an endless round of applause, the fans chose Jian and Juhen to demonstrate excellent choreography, who shyly accepted the challenge. Their shyness instantly disappeared as soon as they plunged into the dance — truly dancing queens.

“Q” and “ALIVE” completed LIGHTSUM’s performance, allowing fans to sing and wave along with them! (If you weren’t SUMIT before the show, you definitely became one after seeing how adorable they are.)

2. CRAVITY is gaining momentum in its turn!

A vision in classic shirts, sleek black trousers and lots of different belts, you could have guessed that CRAVITY were the trendiest spy team as easily as you would have guessed a group of K-pop newcomers – and they stole our hearts. as easy as spies! “ADRENALINE” marked the beginning of their segment, and the groovy rhythm (in addition to their dancing skills, smiles and easy presence on stage!) made our hearts beat faster.

Lead vocalist and lead dancer Wonjin began his next track “My Turn” with a grin and an energetic question: “How are you guys?” From beginning to end, the song was full of laid-back dance skills and the charisma of CRAVITY. The main dancer Hyunjun was the perfect final fairy!

After CRAVITY’s first performances, Taiwan-born and Los Angeles-raised Allen took the initiative, welcoming LIGHTSUM back on stage to introduce the band! All the participants introduced themselves separately: LIGHTSUM shared an eye, enough to fill the entire Terminal with 5 smiles, and CRAVITY lit up the hall with a loud “What happened?” In accordance with the real New York manner of performance, the participants could not do without singing “Empire State of Mind!” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. CRAVITY’s Junmo took responsibility by asking fans which scene they preferred (and almost ruined more awesome scenes!)

For the CRAVITY cover scene, they took the energy up a notch with NCT 127’s “Kick It” and Stray Kids’ “Back Door”. The energy of the songs was perfectly translated into the dances of the Starship newcomers, who easily moved from formation to formation. During the next performance, Taeyong expressed his dreams: for the next generation of newcomers to look at them with respect and make covers of their songs!

Having taught the audience the lyrics and dance moves of “JUMPER”, they joined in an energetic track, proving to everyone that they have an abundance of energy. The brass, beats, drums and synthesizers of the track combined into a full sense of creativity and gravity (the eponymous combination of CRAVITY!)

CRAVITY’s latest song “Boogie Woogie” became the perfect party anthem to sum up the summer and their performances. The boys were silly, loving and bright as they partied and danced all night long—a special hello to how Wonjin made fans wave and sway, taking center stage as he danced.

3. STAYC continues to shine on stage!

Judging by the number of fans who cheered and sang along to STAYC songs even before the girls from High Up Entertainment took the stage, it was no secret which newcomer group caused the most hype. As soon as the previous bands LIGHTSUM and CRAVITY presented the following artists, the whole venue exploded with applause and the loudest chant of the cult song STAYC: “STACY Girls, it’s go down!” that you’ve ever heard! (It may have declined, but the hype only grew from there!)

Their opening performance of “RUN 2 U” was accompanied by an explosion of hearts, and every fan danced to an exciting choreography. “SO BAD” continued the love as STAYC took Terminal 5 along with them on a journey of otherworldly, eclectic and synchronized dance moves!

During their performance, STAYC presented themselves equally comely and sexy, and Yoon, in particular, charmed the audience!

For their next performance segment, STAYC returned to the stage for “ASAP”. Yoon asked the fans to shout “As Soon as possible” as loud as they could, and the entire Terminal 5 performed and danced to the iconic dot choreography “As Soon as Possible”! The dreamy beats and dance of the track plunged us all into a trance. We are so happy that STAYC (and their perfect performance and the cutest themselves!) they appeared before our eyes.

4. TO1 makes us call their name!

TO1 was the oldest newcomer among the newcomers (debuted on April 1, 2020, just two weeks before CRAVITY debuted!) A group of nine people took the stage in neon street clothes, dancing to a deep electric drum track – with their skill level, their sharp movements filled the stage with energy, as if they were a full-fledged dance troupe!

“No More X” and “BOOM POW” forced New York to name TO1! Singer J.You felt like a siren when you led a bridge with flawless riffs. The solo dance break from the main dancer Kenho made our hearts beat even harder!

The next segment of TO1’s performances was met with even more applause, “What a beautiful day!” Even though Chan, one of their members, was unable to attend KCON, it was a great day for TO1 to be with his fans, and the song was the perfect way to celebrate the occasion. Having taught the audience point choreography, the participants immediately joined the performance, bringing a wonderful atmosphere to every moment with their bright and moving movements.

Leader Jayun asked the fans for a word to describe their performance, and the fans suggested “Slay”, causing everyone in the audience to shout and laugh. “Make some noise if you think you’ve been killed,” Jayun asked, and Terminal 5 became even louder!

Their next tracks, “Son of Beast” and “Drummin'”, raised the volume of applause to an even higher level, exceeding all our expectations! The whimsical synth beats of “Son of Beast” enveloped the stage with a warm light, and the cacophony of unique sounds of “Drummin'” made us all dance.

At the end of the evening, all the newcomers — LIGHTSUM, CRAVITY, STAYC and TO1 — returned to the stage for the final bows. Although the New York show ended the KCON 2022 US TOUR as the last stop, it showed a great start to the fruitful career of these newcomers. We can’t wait for them to grow up and shine even more (and see their safe return to the stages of New York!)


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