Our Civilization Will Collapse Soon


Scientists, who created a projection for the future according to today’s conditions, stated that if our resource consumption, population growth and deforestation continue at this rate, our civilization will collapse with 90 percent chance.

According to the collaboration between Alan Turing Institute, which carries out studies on data science and artificial intelligence, and scientists from Tarapacá University in Chile, published in Scientific Reports, our global civilization is progressing towards an irreversible collapse.

The model created by scientists considering the variables such as the rate of deforestation, resource consumption and population growth predicts that humanity will face a global collapse with a high probability of 90 percent.

“All forests can be destroyed in 100 to 200 years”

According to the research, if humanity continues to destroy forests at the same speed, all forests will be destroyed within 100 to 200 years. Since the growth rate of forests is not at a level that can balance the rate of extinction, afforestation studies will not provide a permanent solution.

However, humanity continues to multiply very quickly and increase the global population. For this reason, the resource consumption of humanity will be unavoidably increased by adding the population increase to the ever-increasing individual resource consumption.

Our civilization can collapse between 20 and 40 years

Scientists argue that when they melt the problem of resource consumption and deforestation in a crucible, our civilization could experience great collapse within 20 to 40 years. Of course, these disaster scenarios are likely to change with the new decisions to be taken by the country’s governments.


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