OTK Announces New Podcast With Asmongold, Emiru and Techtone


The streaming group OTK is launching a new podcast Steak and Eggs, hosted by Twitch stars Asmongold, Emiru and Tekton. Here’s everything you need to know to tune in.

At the shareholders’ meeting of OTK on January 31, many upcoming projects for the gaming and entertainment organization were revealed.

In addition to announcing the popular Twitch streamer Emir as the new co-owner of the brand, they are also reviving the old podcast in a completely new way.

In September 2022, OTK launched The Noodle Shop podcast hosted by Twitch streamers Emiru, Tectone and former OTK co-founder Rich Campbell.

The show has focused mainly on anime, manga, and gacha-style games, but since Campbell was dropped from the organization last year, it looks like some big changes have been made to the series.

OTK announces a new podcast “Steak and Eggs”

During the shareholders’ meeting, OTK announced that they will launch a brand new podcast called “Steak and Eggs”. and much more.”

Emiru and Tekton will return as presenters together with the popular World of Warcraft streamer and OTK co-founder Asmongold.

How to watch the OTC podcast “Steak and Eggs”

Fans can tune in to Steak and Eggs on the show’s official YouTube channel, where new episodes will be posted every Friday starting February 17th.

Although the previous “Noodle Shop” podcast was available to listen on most major platforms, at the time of writing it is unclear whether “Steak and Eggs” will receive the same treatment.

So far, the Steak and Eggs podcast has been met with excitement by fans who are already looking forward to the first episode in February.

For now, they’ll have to keep an eye on their calendars as OTK continues to strengthen its brand with its own video game.


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