Other Final Fantasy Games Deserving of FF7 Remake


Although the development cycle was long and stormy, Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released in the spring of 2020 and immediately received critical acclaim due to its precise setting, unpredictable narrative and simply fantastic combat system. This is by no means a replacement for the 1997 original, but rather stands next to it as a completely new journey for Cloud Strife and company, in which there are a small number of familiar plot moves that really evoke nostalgia. Deviating a little from the narrative of the game that inspired it, Square Enix has created a game that we hope will stand the test of time in the same way.

Playing with muscles, Square Enix has shown that it is capable of reinventing and reviving favorite characters. They are often at the center of the charm of any Final Fantasy game, so many fans are speculating about which games from the 35-year-old series should get the same treatment as Final Fantasy 7 Remake. There are so many options available, whether it’s the main games that have earned a lasting reputation, or additional games that just deserve more love. Final Fantasy isn’t going to stop anytime soon and will probably always look to the future, but the remake of the 2020 classic shows there’s so much potential in the past.

The Last Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 7 was the first game in the series in the field of 3D movements and polygonal character models, and the combination of revolutionary graphics with a stellar memorable plot made it one of the most beloved games in the entire franchise. However, gamers of a certain age will look at her predecessor with more love, since she brought the hardware of her native Super Nintendo to the limit of her capabilities. His sprites were more perfect than ever, and the ingenuity that made Final Fantasy 6 still look exceptional despite being released on old hardware was a testament to Squaresoft’s quality as a JRPG studio.

The recent Pixel Remasters Final Fantasy 1-6 were welcomed by fans, but in the shadow of the visual and technical masterpiece Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it seemed like a consolation prize. Many will argue that Final Fantasy 6 is just as good as its successor. A diverse cast of heroes, menacing villains, a truly unpredictable plot and a proven combat system made it the very tip of the Final Fantasy iceberg when it was released in North America at the end of 1994. Terra, Locke, Shadow and Seles deserve a makeover, as it can attract new fans to a story that may be even better than the one Cloud starts with Avalanche.

The latest fantasy tactic

Although Final Fantasy Tactics exists outside of the main series, it is revered by those who experienced its history many years ago. Its design formula is very different from other PS1 role-playing games of the time, instead preferring to use a grid-based map and statistics that are determined by the performance class of each unit. This is a strategic role-playing game, while other Final Fantasy projects have relied on faster and fleeting turn-based combat encounters so that players can see the progress of the plot. It is quite obvious that games such as Golden Sun and Triangle Strategy are directly inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, so it is puzzling that the spin-off series has been inactive for so long.

The Final Fantasy Tactics property has not been used since 2008, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 on the Nintendo DS was the last of them. Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the upcoming The DioField Chronicle prove the growing interest in strategic role-playing games, so now is the right time to return the best series of the genre. The War of the Lions was a fantastic remaster of the base game for the PSP, but even it didn’t reach the modern hardware. The incredible quality of Final Fantasy Tactics means she needs to come back as early as possible, and a full Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be the perfect comeback.

The Last Fantasy 8

Despite the fact that Final Fantasy 8 has a number of staunch supporters, it is an inconsistent midpoint of the three games in the series for PS1. While FF7 was an almost perfect transition into the 3D era of gaming and had a history for centuries, and FF9 seemed to be the perfect result of Square Enix’s relentless efforts on hardware, Final Fantasy 8 was perhaps the game that experienced the greatest growth. the pain of any title in the franchise up to this point. Some fans and critics considered Squall a boring, monosyllabic and rather rude protagonist, and this stupid story seemed much less grounded than its predecessor. Fans expected more, and although the developer has shown that he can handle the pressure to remake something he loves, now he has to try to atone for what is not there.

Of all the major 3D games, FF8 needs updating the most. The remaster of Final Fantasy 8 on modern consoles well reminded existing fans of why they loved it from the very beginning, but it also faced reservations that people who didn’t like it and only a few changed their minds thanks to the project. Reworking the intricate connection system, giving the Squall more depth and adding the same combat system as in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake may be the best way to give Final Fantasy 8 a chance to win everyone’s adoration.

Chocobo Racing

Before the advent of the microtransaction-riddled Chocobo GP, only a few gamers remembered the existence of Chocobo Racing on the original PlayStation. In that era of consoles, there were not enough karting games, from Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64 to Crash Team Racing, and since the latter received a complete remake, all bets on which games in this genre may appear next have been removed.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled has been well received, retaining enough of the original formula to evoke nostalgia, but offering more content and customizable options to feel new again. Chocobo Racing may not be vital to Final Fantasy, but renewed interest in card racing—both new and old—could prove that the Chocobo Racing remake was worth it. Chocobo GP is a wayward step in the right direction, but a remake of the first game could be absolutely the right step.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is already available on PC and PS5.


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